Make Google new collect the station that is sealed

Do not know everybody to had not used tool of Google website manager, actually very good use, the function is very powerful also. Proposal SEOer should operate this platform familiarly, tool of Google website manager is to gave us to bring a lot of really, here elegant demeanour is told how to be made Google new collect by the website that Google bans according to raise.

When the station that discovery is banned by Google, when building tool of Google website manager, suggest everybody is registered immediately, add the website that is banned to go in.

This is after be being banned, establish the cut plan of the site:

Can say at present the opposes cogged group efficiency of Google is very tall, stationmaster of the clew in above check scheme should stand to stand and be told stationmaster why to want to ban this station by K at present, click: Information center, googe turns over cogged group to be able to send the reason that bans a website in information center. If pursue:

Young scrutiny Gogle sends your letter, understand the content of Google quality guideline, handle your cogged trace, it is information center below detailed content:

Good! Why is understanding stood by K when us, and take out cogged trace, go tool of Google website manager is referred refer new examine and verify to apply for, the content that submits application of new examine and verify should be written a bit more cordial, assure to abide by Google quality guideline.

What should mention here is, be solved to seal by Google by the station of K, be sealed again later, so this station does not think those who seal to let Google be solved again, give you the chance only because of Google, want the opportunity that cherishs this well very much so.

Praise the efficiency of Google cogged group again, in how short time inline processing website of new examine and verify, the word that eye comes round to say to had been handled can be collected afresh inside 3 days, after elegant demeanour has tried to refer one day according to raise, be collected afresh.

The cut that is sealed by solution pursues:

Finally, the friend that is sealed to pass a station by Google tries at once! Also welcome everybody to discuss together!