Make friend with search engine

Company of most new electron business affairs can discover sooner or later certainly: Create a website and do not mean a client to be able to visit it certainly. And it is very painful that this discovers the course is possible.

Although know exactly about sth with 1 million plan potential client is online, but, the emulative website of the attention that aims to contend for them also has billions of. People accidentally discovers the opportunity iota of your site. Can say, just build a website merely, people won’t come. That that is to say, unless, you make the opportunity that certain thing is scanned with increasing you. However, good news is, techniques of a lot of traditional be on sale ask those VIP just have some abundant fund, and internet be on sale is constant have more than is needed one horn money. This means a nobody to also have an opportunity.


Regular 1: Do not employ rubbish mail strategy. " a series of books of series of guerrilla warfare sale " author Wilson says: Although rubbish mail strategy was brought about now of Internet quite big one share flow. But can not explain it is effective.

Contrary, should be in centre of gravity centrally how to let potential client find you. That need designs your site carefully. Want such searching for to make resemble Google engine searchs not just get it, before relying on its rank even, the person that use in order to go to the lavatory finds it quickly. . This process is called search for engine to optimize, or SEO. It is a kind of a kind of art, science.

The CEO Caroline of Melberg sale company (Caroline Melberg) say: I think the first the most crucial issue is: Can undertake engine is optimized successfully do not needing those who spend too much money to search for. Even if does not have hire a high adviser, you also can do a lot of things personally.

The major job that seeks engine to optimize creates the text version that includes right key word carefully namely- – this is the urgent affairs that can let Google and the person that use and your site contact rise. The word should include these key word to be mixed in name, description in key word label. This kind of practice should popularize the each page of your site, and the text of page itself.

A key word that Ceng Di of similar Google AdWords has offerred chooses a tool, can help you identify a those best key word———Concern with your business already also concern with habit of search of the person that use. Wilson says: The imagination that wants hard you can use what key word, want to use them aggressively in your site text.

Direct dependency is necessary. Do not make your key word catalog makes the list that a Google hopes——The key word include that produces each final likelihood and your business connection inside. Retain 5 popular key word of the left and right sides are about the same,

And decide they appear on the page. Searching for what engine looks is a page is not a website.

Key word also can be used as the label of all photographs and picture. Caroline explains: Search engine won’t interpret blueprints, but the name that can understand a picture. When me discovery has how many site to tag a picture to his picture 01 when, I very astonish, this is an opportunity that uses key word well.

An another simple and main strategy are: Give every kinds of product that you offer his page. Wilson says: Can contain more content so, key word and interior exceed a link, search for engine to will evaluate them inside. But the person that also should realise the internet of 40% is used need not roll. If your product page exceeds the length of a screen, people will not have patience to discover what you have.

Wilson expresses: Still have a thing that should prevent, it is FLASH animation. The fact that has worry of a person that let a lot of use is, search for engine to read the content that is less than FLASH animation. So, will in order to search for the eye of engine look, any key word in FLASH animation will lose. In other words, unless this kind of content can help you with otherwise, it is trash otherwise.

Caroline says: These search for engine to optimize measure very simple, but the online and potential client that can help company of an electron business affairs be close to it more. Once did these. Your station name a person for a particular job has the opportunity that antagonism nature ranks. Although these measure can not give you a 1 date rank, but the probability that they increased you to be discovered greatly.

To want to increase a chance, issue a measure to want to try to breed interior of a few sites to link, or from other pages the link comes to stand originally. Because Google thinks,these links reflected the value of your site. Although have kind of old method,be to should build crossing-over to link, or when the page that receives other in catenary, ask they also link you. But the secret that Google understood this strategy very quickly, so now, crossing-over link ranked medium value to reduce in the page.

In MySpace, types of facial makeup in operas (Facebook) or appear on the 2nd life, it is a website that helps you extends connective good method. Stickup on YouTube video also has same effect.

Caroline suggests to say: Creation rich guest is another good strategy. Not only the position that can use it to link yourself, and return can become exchange. But the domain name that should ensure rich guest has to differ otherwise, if a crossing-over is linked,it will be seen.

Also should notice that is anchorage the article, the link character that perhaps is stressed to show. This kind of text should |contain a lot of key word.

With connection of rich traveler writer

Make your business at online catalog show on Yahoo for example, also be a good method that gets a link, caroline says: Yahoo catalog should spend hundreds yuan one year, but other table of contents is free.

Still can invite rich traveler writer to have a comment to your product, this also is a of SEO subtle move. " dicker, big be on sale " author Will Dylan says: What to reduce a level not high review may bring is dangerous, want to look for to had written the rich traveler writer that has dependency implied meaning with your product in the past. E.g. , if your site sells the lawn tank car of section water, one is good at at talking about the target that the rich traveler writer of section water issue may be an ideal.

Finally, emphasize: The link that has more other site points to your site, google thinks your site is more important, searching engine consequently before the meeting in congener rank leans quite. Before your rank leans more, can more potential client finds you. And this, can form benign loop.