Make engine of 3 big searches new open wide a gate for me

Search engine, resemble annual CCTV spring late, let a lot of people love to be hated again again really, somebody jubilates somebody anxious!

Now, more and more enterprises are purchased, often more and more support webpage search will search a product. Because compared with Huang Ye, enterprise website can offer the product standards model with richer more to reach all sorts of data, can seek many firm that produces a kind of product likewise at the same time especially.

Appear between search result when all competitors, and oneself website is before their, this is stationmaster people most complacent when. Conversely, appear in search result entirely when the competitor, and oneself website is like all along nonexistent same, believe in front putting one caboodle gold, stationmaster also laughs not to rise.

This is indexed prop up banned result by search namely, the color that the everybody between all corners of the country hears changes. The reason that is banned by search engine has a lot of.

Have quite the site of dimensions, indescribable be banned, stationmaster has bitter nowhere appeal, this kind of website, resemble by the orphan of abandon of common people place, in an unbeknown corner, perhaps forever unknown to public.

The stationmaster after actually the website is banned can think method solution is sealed. Also circulate on the net many data that seal about solution and method. But the result often is, somebody can be solved, somebody always is solution is not sealed.

I think, the following this each case can think stationmaster solution is sealed provide a kind of means. Issueing cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, hope authority is great point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

Before paragraph time, one has the company of Hua Naji land of dimensions quite, because enterprise website is searched,engine bans a problem to find us.

According to the client’s introduction: Had been done before the website a few years, it is normal to all alone engine is collected at the beginning. Spent paragraph of time, unidentified cannot find a station in vain, include Baidu, Gu Ge, Yahoo to wait.

Searching engine is very fair, it won’t be aimed at some individual. Intranet stands to be banned, should have done not have much more complex matter. According to us before experience and integrated understanding, the website puts in the following kinds of problems:

One, it is Head file has a problem, <Robots Meta> and Robots.txt file exist and non-standard.

2, Keyword has excessive flatter suspicion, and key word repeats more. A of key word of similar <meta Name=keywords Content= , key word B, key word A, key word B>

3, home page plays a window overmuch.

4, lead plane is not quite stable. Rate is slow, signal sometimes stealthily substitute one thing for another.

5, it is likely most once was hanged on lead plane horse. . It is reported, discover later and keep clear of. But come a few years or be banned for a long time by Gu Ge, Baidu all the time. . .

Searching engine basically set out from user angle and interest, is not set out from the angle of stationmaster. We also this way finds out abide the method that solves a problem.

The first should be done is to be checked objectively, amend key word afresh.

When search robot visits a site, it can check catalog of this site root to fall to whether be put in Robots above all. Txt, if find, search robot is met the limits that according to this file medium content defines a visit, if this file is nonexistent, so search a robot along link capture. Without Robots. Txt and Robots Meta, searching engine to acquiesce is all search. Because there is illicit concealed page on this website, the Robots that uses so. Txt file and Robots Meta label, we are deleted entirely.

2, the content that cooperates a website at the same time is updated, optimize SEO appropriately, add website catalog and friendship link, increase inside catenary and outside catenary.

3, keep clear of to play a window too much. Most control plays window less than in two. Search engine boycotts a trojan, to <iframe>It is certain to have with Js sensitive, if not have necessary, use less careful with.

4, change stable lead plane space, make sure the website has a moving requirement that stabilizes continuously.

5, log onto each to search engine greatly afresh. Submit website information afresh to each entrances.

6 be land the website the portal list that a few have major force, be like harbor of information of domestic family status and Yamaxun catalog, chinese stationmaster station, strive for more disembarkation to mix as far as possible exposure opportunity.

Yamaxun catalog is the biggest on Internet, the most comprehensive artificial list. Dmoz is alled alone by most and main search engine place is used now. The website that wants you only is joined to index by Dmoz catalog, in also can showing in other search index is propped up at the same time. The catalog search of Google uses Dmoz directly as a result. Very lucky, half month goes, the website that refers at the same time with a few together, we land Dmoz successfully entirely. And in this moment, the good news that lands already successfully what Google also transmits.

The search of Baidu and Google cites the principle is a bit different. Still want to write a letter to, with the name of the enterprise, introduce a company with courteous manner, show the case of the website, request Baidu is handled appropriately.

With all before writing to, what we get still is machine-made answer. But we are not crestfallen, modify content appropriately, alternately week reappearance letter.

The business grows to imagine than us later in successful. Sent 3 letters in all, around arranges 3 weeks, our success return searchs engine greatly each. And key word search, all platoon is advanced as a result 3 inside.

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