Make 7 points that SEO must not make

1, often change website course. When a lot of novices stand in osculatory net, because do not have too intimate knowledge to SEO, often depend on individual be fond of, often change website course. At the beginning of little imagine website builds, the spider formed the creeping rule that stands to this, program of abrupt shift website, can make the spider discerns unidentified, bring about search engine finally to decrease collect, serious person can be fallen to counterpoise.

2, often change Title title. Oneself study Baidu the rule of two months, discover it is special to Title title character sensitive, actually, title caption resembles is a Shuang Renjian, the used appetite that accords with Baidu, that meeting gives you very tall weight, if use bad, hey, baidu is met very take care of you. I also experimented recently a few key word, 3 days change Title title, altogether was changed 3 times. For the first time, baidu collects me be in 13; After changing Title title the 2nd times, baidu collects me many 70; When restoring Title caption first time finally, baidu collects me 17. This specification often changes Title caption to be able to make Baidu falls authority.

3, the program that chooses to be not Div+css. Basically everybody knows, div is very friendly to searching engine, all styles are in CSS, only ID calls a share in text, of clearly, reduced the code of text and HTML code, text was highlighted, because this is very easy,be propped up to collect by search index.

4, the program that chooses to cannot generate HTML. The website program that can create HTML page should be the first selection of major SEO person, basically search what keyword casually, the page of Html language is sure meeting platoon is before other language page. This to novice of a SEO, it is the knowledge of sex of a common sense.

5, add rubbish friendship link at random. General and large Internet company, differentiate friendship link for a branch, visible friendship link is a very important segment. A few individual stationmaster just built hauling to stand, seek exterior link everywhere like the fly that do not have a head, no matter can give help,also go up, actually this cannot be taken extremely, in seeking exterior link,

The first, want to see the PR value of website of the other side;

The 2nd, want to see friendship of website of the other side link amount;

The 3rd, should see website of the other side the rank is cogged;

The 4th, want to see website of the other side whether be fallen to had counterpoised;

The 5th, the website that whether there is right be fallinged in should seeing server of website of the other side (only ability meets big company to observe and study so) .

When friendship is linked, general I am requirement character link, cannot count on friendship link to be able to bring how many discharge to you after all, and literal link can make a spider direct climb over, (*^__^*) Xi Xi, be equal to the spider that him home raises.

6, carelessly keyword density. What a lot of friends like to install keyword density is very tall, appear all right even several keywords, it is full of prunes so, serious meeting lets search engine K to drop, so best control is in keyword density 2% to ≦ 8% .

7, carelessly label. Some SEO novice is not familiar to label, most standard is Title caption control in 200 character less than, deion explains control is in 100 character less than, keywords keyword control does SEO in 200 character less than, the most important still is perseverance, determination and patience. The keyword is not the rank that can make two days a day very tall, those who need time accumulate, the plenitude of content, outside the high quality of catenary. Stationmaster of root of final Zhu Cao people can fond dream comes true!