“Long end " – future develops way

By the United States a few scholars put forward long end keyword, specific call what name me did not remember. Such OK saying: In future, growing end strategy to be sure is Internet development outlet. Tycoon of famous network selling a book Yamaxun expands long remaining part adequately to the limit.

What grows end keyword?

I fall with my means explanation, probably you are clearer: Long end keyword is the keyword that shows search quantity is very few but these keywords are a lot of keywords, say simple point: Everyday a few people search his distinctive keyword, and these keywords have person attention rarely, however, these keywords are more, the person of the search is less, be short of almost everyday somebody is being searched, as time passes, form: Everybody searchs the keyword that belongs to his, but these keywords are very few somebody will write special webpage, can form a lot of people to search different keyword, these keywords search a quantity integratedly to compare target keyword probably even much. Following graph statistic: This is a my new station, target keyword does not have how many discharge, but a few otherer I add up than the target the keyword wants to be gotten more integratedly without the word discharge that think of much, this is says long end keyword, these word ranks often compare stability, flow is steadier also.

How to search long end keyword?

This is a topic that everybody cares very much, also be the key of this data at the same time. I say a few simple methods, want you to insist to be achieved formerly only, collect have flow.

One, I am using this method all the time

You still worry about the count that if can master others,makes a website doesn’t oneself website have discharge, how to get others count, my customary practice is: Http: / / Top.51.la/ , open this address, there are a lot of statistics inside did not install a password, how what word comes you find the flow that sees them with the website related you, those who see next search index prop up this word is emulative, to it is inside you optimize the webpage that the page ranks a little next ranks should be OK go up:

Saw long end, such word far more than a few, about a hundred on 1000 have, you can discover a few.

Will see additionally one kind of method again:

Open Baidu, search keyword of a target, (for instance: Seo) search down target keyword, what to see.

Saw long end, without. Continue to search, how to search, my practice is: Find the longest keyword or backmost keyword, here no matter you search,the longest still is backmost OK. Specific look for that word to should search according to the content of your website, the dependency that notices website content continues to search next, I seek the longest term is Seo opens a webpage what to see, I do not send a plan, yourself can look below the search, picture too take the place. What is now Seo rank first is Baidu 100 divisions, the 2nd is seo100000 why, the 3rd it is Seo168, see the webpage of the rank again, besides 100 divisions be inside page the others is entirely advocate domain name. See here, how can be you done, are you sure to follow seo100000 why to compete? Be sure to follow other large volume small advocate does the domain name compete? Have, make this statement, without, how to do, continue to search, look again:

You can seek which term, I suggest to seek the term from the back, the word from the back often is the keyword with the least competition he is also be to bring the keyword with long end most discharge to nod: What is Seo technology, the analysis falls to hold to optimize this word to home page, even before 5, it is to be aimed at below: Seo technology is the analysis of what:

10 websites have home page a product that is him Baidu, the others all is a few not famous website rich guests 9 times, a website is advocate the domain name competes, rank the first, the rest of 8 are inside page rank, bit of stone did not appear in 10 websites, zac, seo100000 why the authoritative website of and so on, analyse here did you know how to should be done, writing to be aimed at Seo technology immediately is the article that what gives priority to a problem, why should be stone nodded to follow seo100000 below the introduction why, their website has competition ability most, also be the more authoritative website inside the person of the same trade at the same time. Your way station has with their competition how old hold a platoon to arrive before them front, resemble website of a few news, how can your article compete with sina, Sohu, see home page has the big station that the half is authority to abandon this word continueing to search downward.

You look understood, here is an example only, more it is to need you to carry out, do not know what do not understand to add my QQ: 398153158

Look understood, I can tell you: Mine of a big gold is over there, saw you how be dug. Look for a few competition very small the keyword that perhaps did not compete almost, the rank goes up very easily, flow-rate ratio of a word is less, 10, 100 hold on according to my train of thought, how much is the website flow that 3 months see you again, this is the long remaining part that I say.