Liu Jianguo: Google is turned over cogged as Baidu

Textual as follows:

To Baidu, of CTO Liu Jianguo the process that covering a process is a be forced to tell sth bit by bit, he forever won’t make use of a subject to elaborate one’s own ideas, right the problem of the person that interview, reply succinct and dedicatedly. This with Li Yan grand found together the technology of Baidu is new bureaucratic, think to searching what engine technology applies, this is reflected on certain level new appear on the market the technical imagination of the commercial way of the company and this group. In interviewing, liu Jianguo receives a requirement to dismiss the telephone call of national cogged website ceaselessly, it is ripe talent mostly can make the telephone call him directly here, or it is to hit Li Yan grand. Interview from this and spread out.

Turn over cogged the technology that is us

" 21 centuries " : ? Is magpie of Yu of  of Chi of widow of  of Tao of castrate of spay of Ge of ≡ of titanium Qian soft troubled by Tao to carry  pen pen to steal Fu kind model ǖ ?

Liu Jianguo: 20 years before, china has a lot of search engine companies, goyoyo is the; academy of sciences that a company of Hong Kong does has a website, still have net of Beijing University day. Found at that time engine of the search when the company already very much. Where is our opportunity? At that time I am mixed plum in Yan Hong’s communication, he says to want to do do best. At that time already some search engine speed are slow, reference is little, user experience is very poor. We think to do a Chinese to search engine to have very big perspective, so I come out from Beijing University, with Li Yan grand did poineering work together.

" 21 centuries " : ? Does scabbard of Jia of border of collect of Song of dusk of Jian of castrate of spay of those of pen of pure  standing tall and upright cut heart hey into parts?

Liu Jianguo: ? ト of spoon of  of high and steep of Qi of Huan of  of Liang of ligature of breed Shan eyebrow. ト of ⒆ of Chi of ≡ of Ting of silk ribbon of Yin of  Shao ┲ " is instrument of チ   able to bear or endure does  constant  hang the  in  to fasten closely question of  of  of constant  of  of thoroughfaring  hill happily to be able to bear or endure? of  of  Cheng Weng 2 be analysis exceeding cable length and content analysis; 3 be in the light of the user? Coil up not Wu of painful Lian of warbler of thirsty  of  Che A the 5 service that how flinchs? of the dream that don’t have Х provides stability? Issue of a lot of technologies needs to solve.

" 21 centuries " : ? Scabbard n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor and Mi of word Strontium cough?

Liu Jianguo: ?  of male ┩ of orchid mansion D shows natrium of predestined relationship of box of rostellum of a key to do sth of Kang of an ancient nationality in China of  of king crab Liang cowardly does not have  guanidine  there is; of a lot of technology to exceed catenary to analyse; for instance at the back of? here has Li Yan grand patent. Exceed catenary to there is mature technology before Infoseek, plum Yan Hong is in there when the job study very fine, but we did not cover a method with this only, improve according to searching the development of engine whole world to do at that time however.

" 21 centuries " : ? Does Yu still know well does Xing of Shan of correct of rostellum box center cut thorn Yan into parts?

Liu Jianguo: Is there: of two main fields? Is  beaten treat Chen Shen of dirty rushing water? . We personnel of this side technology, include Li Yan grand, according to searching engine the technology at that time develops, made the system of one analysis exceeding cable length that covers him Baidu. Return so that analyse webpage content additionally, chinese processing is very for instance important, want to understand the grammar of Chinese and significance of specific written language, because Chinese and English still are different, only judgement character is what meaning, ability provides search result to the user.

" 21 centuries " : ? Does scabbard of have a nightmare of Xie  castrate of spay cut hurry Jin? into parts the technology with distinctive what do you have to cope with it?

Liu Jianguo: It is so called network optimize, for instance SEO and so on, link a few domain names, be like a link a lot of, but do artificially actually. Still have a few links, help others technically become a link namely, this also is analysis exceeding cable length. Are you link analysis? Be aimed at you technically. Still have a few websites, do technically to others, spend related tall also, we must discover what is LINKFORM, divide separate out to come next.

" 21 centuries " : ? Does sour coil up comfort does? of the hawk that play trade have simple tool?

Liu Jianguo: We can have discovered through technical measure this kind of deceit perhaps cries in time cogged. Cogged, is there a very simple standard: ? Do not have Э to blow fall warbler of which a surname retreats Chan of  of Tao of castrate of spay to blow fall elder sister of lotus of before Fu of which a surname owes Zhu Hui? one paragraph of search, the mobile phone is bought after going in very much more, buy other information, this is cogged. We are analysed, they are to pass what method to cheat a search. For instance LINKFARM, we rely on technical discovery to come out, it already keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, we see it is cogged, I do not want it. Why do this rebound later namely so big, had the reason that turns over Baidu alliance. Have turn over Baidu alliance member to say, you why screen I? A peak of net of before one paragraph of Sohu is met, of net of a medicine say we are very good, why do you give me sealed? Its load one’s writing with fancy phrases is cogged, if we unlock it, it is a kind of deceit to the user.

" 21 centuries " : ?

Liu Jianguo: ?

" 21 centuries " : ? Does Xing of  of Zheng of Bao of exact time of Shen vinegar Yang cut Yang of Hu of fat Dong of evil spirit of pure tip Yue into parts?

Liu Jianguo: For instance, back and forth keyword of mutual link, load one’s writing with fancy phrases. The scenery before still having and setting scene agree completely, inside HTML, the user is invisible, can cheat search engine, cheat an user so.

" 21 centuries " : ? Dirt of soft-shelled turtle graupel Yang of vinegar of miscellaneous beauty of  ministry tip?

Liu Jianguo: ? Does G of dark copy of dirt of bad award of strong bed of  of Jin of quiet a surname of Mou of soft-shelled turtle of admire of mellow  of epiphysis of castrate of spay of  of model of  of expostulate with of dirt basketry choke boil v/LIT an amphora-like jar of dam an official document or note to make  of ox of Hui of bed of epiphysis of  of lie   smooth with a rake do 4 Yun enter falcon  standing tall and upright bursa of Lu of Dong of  colour scabbard?

" 21 centuries " : ? Tip of Xin brandish zinc does refute of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease mire Yang Zi  ?

Liu Jianguo: ? Bad Kang of  of  of Xi of Jiao of Jing of  of harmonious of chasm of  of K of the copy that change cape and bad be contrary to does  change an ancient wine vessel made of horn of vinegar of imprison of cape straw Yu?

" 21 centuries " : ? Is shelfing  of discharge Ai Jiao able to bear or endure  ?

Liu Jianguo: ? Is shelfing  of д of Shan of artisan of quarter dazzle Bao able to bear or endure is  used up?

" 21 centuries " : ?  of imprison of harmonious of  chasm Jiao dash forward?

Liu Jianguo: ?  of grey joyous ɡ dash forward strong tip of В   slaughters Juan agreement a crane directly EO of of ox of  ⒍ silk ribbon can help a company, give money, I am discharged to you.

Is another enemy Google?

" 21 centuries " : ? Of Zuo Oogle turn over cogged than, what advantage do you have?

Liu Jianguo: ? The technology of Dai Oogle is better than us, I am not agreed with, they basically are insufficient concentration. Turn over for instance cogged, google Chinese has not done us, this has technical problem, still have labor power, want to know cogged and idiomatic technique, and Google does not know. This mode we develop more quickly than Google, we are close to an user more. The understanding of our Chinese is done weller than them, resemble segmenting for instance, cut a term, chinese is many a word, put at the same place, those words and word are different. I am done weller than Google. They did not study Chinese technically.

" 21 centuries " : ? Does rice of cowardly of scabbard n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor restrict drought collect time?

Liu Jianguo: ?

" 21 centuries " : ? Does dark Nai of Yun of blown away by wind of cowardly n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor mire Jian of border of qualitative Dong owlet?

Liu Jianguo: ? Does awl of anxiety of favour of cowardly of cheek of calamity form Nai scoop up an ancient nationality in China to mire excrement of  of fear of pain of Ju of border of collect of Lan of moisture in the soil of Lei of heart of the  that show ǎ holds cheek just?

" 21 centuries " : ? Does Qiong of mother of fawn on of Xin brandish apricot teach? for instance old software?

Liu Jianguo: ? Does spruce cheek of  of Sun Wu press and smooth make an appointment with crane Bao copy in person?

" 21 centuries " : ? Press and smooth of cowardly τ bud?

Liu Jianguo: ? Emperor and anxiety lives N cheek invades benzene bless rice to make an appointment with drought mu heat of 1 of  a huge legendary turtle hangs swing solid Huan ⒎ hold province ⒋ sails scrupulously and respectfully ostrich of scabbard of U Liao emperor is tranquil Mi of Du of have diarrhoea of Yi of provide for of  of Mu solid clear tries plinth 1 to heat up Piao felt of Pan of heir of cheek cowardly bud. This is Google Chinese impracticable. Do not have focusing at least. Experience from Chinese user additionally for, we also are done weller than them, for instance user experience is what, habit what be. For instance relevant search, inside Chinese, an issue that considers in user heart, for instance software this word, what think in user heart is software download, but of the search is software this word, he inputs software, not agree with with the search. Baidu can hint more subtly change, it is software download still is added after all close, full automatic service, such users can feel very good. Similar work we a lot of made great efforts. Other resemble phoneticize retrieval, wrongly written or mispronounced characters is corrected, we also can hint correctly. Some searches are copying us now. I think cannot western-worship.