Liu Huanbin: The 10 big errors that SEO theory carries out

1) outside the mass that catenary builds

Error: The amount of catenary has been jumped over more more outside;

Analysis: Catenary should pay close attention to overall situation to manage character outside, in ensure qualitative premise falls, change naturally accumulate an amount, be in short-term inside, increase quality for the website too much not tall outside catenary can enrol the suspicion to search engine;

2) value of Google   PR

Error: Google PR value decides a rank

Analysis: PR value is Google is opposite only period the grading level that collects a webpage, do not apply to other search engine, but have referenced value. Google is worth the action in the rank to had been changed infirmly to PR.

3) W3C webpage standard

Error: The webpage of W3C standard can obtain search engine to rank an advantage;

Analysis: The webpage photograph of the webpage that will write with W3C standard and Table layout is compared, webpage capacity wants a lot of smaller, raised the rate that the user experiences. And actually, in searching a result, we discovered a lot of webpages that do not accord with a standard also can obtain very good rank.

4) website address

Error: Every site needs to make website map

Analysis: Website map can be helped really large and medium-sized website promotion collects expression, but to website of medium and small businesses, especially webpage number is little the website at 50 pages, if the program is sound, do not need website map certainly;

5) keyword deploy

Error: Core keyword wants deploy to go in every page;

Analysis: Accurate the peculiar information that presents every page, this meeting increases more page amounts, increase a website to guide more searchs the possibility of discharge thereby.

6) outside catenary allocation

Error: All outside catenary points to website home page entirely;

Analysis: The catenary outside home page need, but the site of some types, be like the product page, catenary outside serving a page to need more, outside catenary decorates the page that can generate more effect or profit.

7) URL static state is changed

Error: Dynamic before URL wants static state of make it bogus or output page of HTML static state;

Analysis: Search engine had had very great progress to the index of dynamic page, to collecting the dynamic website with not poor effect, need not must do a static state to change.

8) the website is safe

Error: Do SEO not to need to consider website safety

Analysis: If the Robots.txt below root catalog is distorted,important perhaps file or catalog are deleted, or the webpage is joined baleful code, very big to website influence. .

9) website of SEO   VS is optimized

Error: The website is optimized is SEO

Analysis: The website is optimized do not be equal to SEO

The website is optimized is from data memory, page carries out those who reach an user to experience tripartite face will do.

SEO is to be aimed at what search engine does to optimize.

10) who is ace?

Error: The seating arrangement discretion that ranks by the keyword decides the level of SEO executant;

Analysis: Transform to strategy from the technology, it is the route that professional SEO personnel takes surely.