Liu Huanbin interacts when the dot: The website that how lets you by efficient index

On May 25, the whole world searchs engine strategy plenary session to be held in Xiamen, shari Thurow of chief inspector of Grantastic Designs sale publishs an address, talk about SEO relevant topic. Full text makes a speech for its under:

Everybody is good! Above all self introduction one, I am one of interactive newly established people when the dot. Very glad today to be shared with everybody here. The theme that I make a speech today is the website that how lets you by efficient index. Before the speech, the SEO that I think should be analytics of a kind of statistic, search the development of engine and arise, that is to say, the system of existing a few SEO is the website that is based on much, through the experiment of major website and establishment summary is Baconian those who come out, and a few experience that the something that I say today is my individual summary, share with everybody, offer reference only, do not have direct sense to all websites certainly. So yesterday that PARTY when, I and forest elder brother has a communication, the effect of SEO whether quantify. This basically is in be based on many project unit process of cargo bandling, undertake communicating with the client, of 3 core quantify a standard, a webpage that basically is a website is searching the rank in engine to behave, still having is a webpage the information that searching a result guides a gender. Where is the effect that the website is alled alone by search engine height indexes, only your website can have search engine, just gain competitive opportunity likely. The 2nd, the webpage with your only medium website is found by the likelihood as far as possible. I think efficient system now two respects, one is time, this time cycle jumps over short sentence, can obtain for your rank first machine, because the website is if the range that search engine covers is very big, promoted an user to find the probability of your website. So the efficiency that how improves index do I stress next? 4 respects are my a few experience under, next we one in light of a ground, what is the first? It is the design of the physical structure of the website, refer and safeguard of map of the 2nd website, the 3rd is website information content is newer, the 4th is a link is reasonable apply. We see the first next, what is the physical structure of the website? What physical structure appears is the setting form of the file that website catalog place undertakes, have a lot of arrangement commonly, resemble the expressional form that we a moment ago were catalog the first of enumerate, the 2nd is secondary level directory, the 3rd is 3 class catalog, the rest may be deduced by analogy configuration of this kind of physics. Here, the experience that we give out is, commenting on the physical structure that change to design is best choice, here has an experience data, it is three-layer or the structure of this kind of physics of three-layer be to suit to search engine to have index most. Then we talk at 2 o’clock, talk the second before, I give everybody introduction the basic knowledge of website map, what is website map, what website map appears is the structure of the website, convenient search information. Before doing not have occurrence search engine, website map is, convenient user will visit map of that moment website, let an user know the structure of the website, after as the search engine appears, website map took the tint of little SEO, the form of website map has two kinds. User of the first kind of format and robot can identify, to search index is propped up the 2nd kind, plant to this like major user format not very can convenient go read him. About website map make, tell here not know clearly. Because have to come already very much resource goes to the lavatory,we refer to website map, directive, include a few software. So website map is right the importance of SEO, also a moment ago mentioned, website map can present the structure of the website, framework, after searching engine to enter this page next, can rely on at this structure that knows a website conveniently very much, have index thereby. So how to let website map be aware of quickly? Here is aimed at the website format of two kinds of different forms, I have a few proposals, the first website map about Web interface, because itself is a member in regarding a website as a lot of page, the importance of website map a moment ago had been told, so, the proposal that gives out here is in namely other pages, what feature do these pages have? Search engine thinks they are very important, find out the link of a few simple text from this map. Here has two kinds of kind, a specific port that can offer through searching engine will to them refer, manufacturer of a few big combination issues statement the 2nd recently, they can have been released inside this kind of file. That maintenance about website map, have here suggested at 2 o’clock, the first that is to say often replaces the URL list of your website map, this is very of negligence letting a person, this kind is not paid attention to to update in the process that replaces because of a lot of people, he did not put this URL in time there the face goes. The 2nd, in a few important pages, should have oriented link, this is planted even if point to exterior interface. The 5th paragraphic, we come to those who talk about website information update now, website information includes two fields, the information of oneself of the first website is newer, the 2nd information that is search result is newer, the information of website oneself updates those who include new page to build, the 2nd, the page that has existed now appears of information edit, website information is newer, what kind of state can happen? Search engine robot can update the frequency of degree as the website, form a creeping cycle, from just began efficient if tell, we are to hope this creeping cycle is faster better. Generally speaking, update faster website, search engine to also compare diligent what climb. The 2nd, we will see a piece of sketch map, this is a graph that searchs a result. If 3 elemental happening in a result change, regard as happened to update. So next we tell two to update the correlation between, tell this what to is used after all, have what correlation. The information that is website oneself can bring about the information that searchs a result newlier to update, search engine robot can form a creeping habit, proposal of this creeping habit is the periodic time that can crawl shorter, it this efficiency can be jumped over tall. The 2nd, the information in searching a result is newer, to our stationmaster, be one has direct sense quite, adopt the change of time cycle, we are OK forthrightly, probably choose an appropriate information, undertake updating to the website.

A few experience that information updates. Have two, the first information that is a website should be to keep newer, this newer cycle we give out a data is to arrive 3 days, the 2nd is of new page build old perhaps page revise, must be in a few websites is important the page has to reveal, and reveal must last period of time, this paragraph of time is best can match with cycle of this pay a return visit, this is first-rate. So at 6 o’clock, basically be a link apply, one is inside catenary, one is outside catenary, analyse one by one so. Catenary can give us a kind of very perfect logistic structure inside, in-house link has 3 kinds to be able to be worth to popularize, the way that offer, next if you can have done this at 3 o’clock, the efficiency that can index to the website can have very great help. The first is text, have the partial news of a core, the information of this part can have a key word to guide other pages. The 2nd is relevant navigation, when for instance we see a webpage, there is a relevant article to read below, for instance still can a few popular literary workses are recommended. The 3rd is TAG, a moment ago Mr Lin also says to be able to have certain effect, achieve compressed an end that change. Why to mention this at 3 o’clock? Say no more than showed an issue namely this at 3 o’clock actually, make the correlation between website and website more close. Everybody thinks, if a webpage is indexed prop up index by search, another webpage was not indexed prop up index by search, if there is this link to concern between them next, see this webpage while the information that also can see that webpage. Some people ask me all the time, I also did not all alone to search engine is referred, but all alone engine still meets search to have an index to my website, appear this kind of circumstance, we will see a kind of model. This inside have a WebsiteA and B, I express with grey line, his information updates that is to say not active, additionally his information updates not active word, so Site climbs also is not very diligent. Such his cycle also are met very long, if this kind of cycle falls, built a page one of these day, this new page is half an year or one year talent search arrives. It is very adverse so, the information that a WebsiteB has a very good feature is him is very OK fast, after WebsiteA built a new webpage, if will climb from left road, if catching news again, this time cycle will be very long, if go from right, this cycle is met very special short.

So guide to WebsiteA what feature WebsiteB has? Do we say what the feature of the link should be inside this? That is to say his content is achieved formerly, and update continuously. Ok, above these are the entire content that I make a speech today, if everybody is right,the problem of this respect still is not the word that understands very much, I can search to undertake communicating again after the meeting, thank!