Liu Dachuan: 16 raise the method that the keyword ranks

I ask on QQ of a lot of people, how to raise rank of a keyword, 20 kinds when the experience of SEO of individual near future and everybody share an individual to stand raise the method that the keyword ranks.

We define a keyword first, it is easier to come design of new fighting spirit explains with this understand.

Assume you want to optimize the page is: / Index.html

Keyword of the first part gets 3 essential factor: Occurrence position, occurrence frequency (density) , and processing technique

One, if be English or phoneticize keyword, must appear in URL.

For example, your page name can be used

/ Xinruisheji.html

2, the caption in the webpage (Title) in appear 3 times.

For example: Xin Rui designs a network – Chinese Xin Rui designs a portal – dedicated Xin Rui designs a domain

Clever occurrence 3, most begin, intermediate ending each.

3, appear in label of target webpage keyword 1-4

4, the occurrence keyword of constant nature is not in the main content of the webpage, appear truly namely the relevant content that optimizes a keyword.

5, article content is planted occurrence keyword of echo of from beginning to end. Namely the text should appear at the beginning, coda wants occurrence keyword likewise.

6, the keyword appears in label of the H1 of the webpage, H2.

7, if have a picture, the ALT attribute of all pictures must add a keyword.

8, density: In an article the keyword wants occurrence 6%-10% .

9, add to the keyword that appears in the article thick, OK also of course inclined body.

The content of webpage of the 2nd part asks: Webpage content quality, updated frequency, and relevant degree.

10, platitude, content is king, search index props up the content that special preference achieves formerly, the article that those for many times reprinting is equal to Internet rubbish.

11, the difference of webpage content, if your website has many pages, the difference that holds each pages as far as possible goes, specific between 20%-30% .

12, the length of the article should have held, advisable between 800-2000 word.

13, an egg nest mentions in rich guest: Want to update oneself content everyday, such ability raise cure search engine spider.

Extrapolate of station of the 3rd part is wide

14, have high quality as far as possible outside catenary points to target webpage.

15, mechanical SEO, go countless forum, rich guest sends link of keyword anchorage text to point to the webpage that preparation optimizes.

16, submit this page to all sorts of bookmark, the net is picked.

Above 16 kinds of methods that learn easily simply, can raise the rank of the keyword significantly, if the method is proper, goolge can be in 6 update in the hour. SEO depends on holding to the experiment that mixes for many times, because fail,do not lose confidence.