Link paying fee is with blame

Nearly 9 months, what a topic about Google fries is bubbling with noise, pay cost the issue of the link namely.

Matt Cutts told Google not to welcome to pay cost the link in his own rich guest, and the user can be informed against pay cost the link. Advanced before long on SES congress, matt Cutts is told clearly again, link paying fee violates guideline of Google website quality. Paying cost the link for a short while is with blame lifted many discussion.

Because paid cost link to endure one knife,the rich guest of Highdiy is like with respect to doubt these days. Stand on the footing of Google and other search engine, be fed up with link paying fee understandable. Because search engine is algorithmic medium, be based on link relation very much greatly partly, link paying fee threw into confusion the reliability that links a concern.

Paying cost to link a lot of time is not a trustful ticket, because put,wearing however monetary come-and-go. What pay cost link to reduce search engine result likely so is relevant degree. Google is malcontent of course to this, and the effect that try every means reduces link paying fee. Advocate of Matt Cutts do sth on a large scale meets the penalty that expends a link recently, the likelihood is to new method can detect a large number of links paying fee, and the quality that these links paying fee affected search result. Nevertheless I feel Google is this to be on true cause, used wrong method, probable short of their purpose.

Above all, whether is a link link paying fee, can Google detect really arrive? To this I am complete incredibly. Just think, I am known with a certain stationmaster, when having a meal together with him, ask he can sell a website that links me, if going, this thing was decided, instantly out-of-pocket expense. How can Google know this thing? How do I imagine Google also does not know.

By the way, the person in my Blogroll, stone, robin, small roc, net eagle, disillusion, seoVista, davidYin, highdiy, kyw is waited a moment, you but this add was expended. The link of my Blogroll is pressed year collect fees, already full one year, you not add cost, I was linked with respect to what remove you. I still prepare to be informed against to Google.

Is Google believed? Be believed? How to know? So Where is judgement? Next, alleged link paying fee also can have a lot of forms. Besides ready money business does not have method to discover, resemble in front saying case, ask stationmaster of the other side to have a meal calculate do not calculate? Do I send doesn’t a software calculate the other side? Offer SEO freely to seek advice from a service to calculate do not calculate? Does the ticket that submits an expense account to him calculate do not calculate? How do these detect?

Calculating is a talent completely inside Google, these trading also is the day knows the ground, you know me, who can know others.

Again, the link of some websites buying and selling cites the effect that props up a result to searching actually very little. My website was not bought or betray any links. But I know some websites have buy a link, the head of a station that can buy a link knows search engine to optimize far from, the family is to build a brand only, the reason of many bits of discharge. And be do it occasionally, this kind of link is bought essential not affect the whole.

Google lets stationmaster inform against link of buying and selling with its, still be inferior to spending time energy in the link business network that discovers those are large-scale. Have a lot of industries, compete especially fierce industry, link of massive buying and selling is happening everyday, effectiveness also is apparent. Google spends time in discovery and processing on these large networks, rise to searching the quality of the result, be afraid more useful point.

When Matt Cutts speaks of link paying fee, also object paying cost the link without entirely. What they emphasize is to pay cost link to should be clear about be indicated, expression is in webpage formally is, should clear indicate this is sponsor link or advertisement. NF property had better be used on webpage code, such search engine know this link is not an accredit voting.

Of course, I feel Google is impossible to detect truly all links paying fee, not be to encourage everybody to go link of buying and selling, speak tandem name. If you are to stem from regular ad purpose, it doesn’t matter of link of buying and selling is not OK. But if be to operate PR, do vertical rank result, still have particular risk. And on the footing that stands in SEO, I object be as much operate the link buying and selling of PR and rank.