Link bait example: Talk about industry sex classify and controversy sex topic

Core clew: Come out row of commonly used reference material, tool just, perhaps add a few simple specifications again. This kind of bait most the most familiar caption pattern is, 10 big most the Xxx of Xx this kind of list or pop chart, and use accurate repeatedly.

Moon rich guest most be good at this, we will see this kind of card with the closest moon:

Software of 10 commonly used S60 mobile phone

Game of mobile phone of 10 big classical JAVA

The SQL statement of 8 useful WP

10 avoid the means that RSS subscription is removed to order

The summary of software of 5 optimal tools

Safety of 10 big WP installs skill

Software of 5 optimal individual finance affairs

Media player of 5 optimal desktops

Client of 5 optimal FTP carries a tool

Reader of news of 5 optimal RSS

Converter of format of 5 optimal media

The National People’s Congress that often treats moon rich customer can think without exception, this kind of card of moon is very much, and very popular. These cards that say above, informal where is 89 exterior links. Guest of rich of this pardonable moon is in IT domain weight is very tall, rank of a lot of cards exceeds big door. Moon knows well greatly this.

Again this SEO tool is for instance big list, turn from Le Saishu’s forum, this version that is released on dot stone also has 200 many exterior links now.

Big list of this kind of reference material or resource, can handle any trades. Go Baidu or Google are searched 10 big, can see too much case, arrive from 10 generalissimo 10 old bad habit, from 10 forecast 10 big wing greatly. No matter you are in which industry, listed a few 10 it is unchallenged greatly.

The content of controversy sex brings exterior link easily, understood very easily, treat rich customer of Song Zude please.

Study with respect to development of a topic, publish research report, or with humorous be good at, also be common link bait.

The main method that links bait so actually with respect to these, see you how develop originality or spend bit of time, OK and infinite play.

For the person that bisect enjoys these skill, probably can specific to this degree. If return somebody to feel not quite specific, do not know how to make link bait, that can reply only: Had otherwise I kept plug-in unit to you?