Lin Saiwu: Make 20 points of SEO

SEO10 the mistake that cannot make

1) a Flash stands (it is Flash completely)

2) use Frameset

3) too fat webpage (the proposal is under 110K)

4) tell to search engine language family erroneously (it is Chinese station originally namely, telling to search engine however is English station)

5) the project names did not consider keyword strategy;

6) the navigation with poor readability is designed (if use Flash or Js to do navigation) ;

7) confused structure;

8) overspend Ajax;

9) login compulsively;

10) avoid cogged or misunderstanding of engine of all alone letting search;

SEO10 the thing that must accomplish

1) expedite compressed the framework that change

2) row of navigation of obligate simple character, ensure index is complete;

3) keyword strategy is put guide see a kind, name connect with website interior in the center;

4) every page not reduplicative Title Tag

5) program content theme turns area;

6) proper static state changes the website;

7) method names take a keyword;

8) leave <H> to coil mark area;

9) content compose should consider a keyword;

10) stable lead plane or fictitious lead plane;

Note: Play the note on congress of search engine sale, the likelihood has omit.