Letting netizen satisfaction just is true SEO

SEO is in previously when it is behavior of a kind of nearsightedness, its purpose is to pass some kind of method to raise the rank in searching engine. Sale of such nearsightedness of abbreviation of network sale means, continue to publicize promotion again means of this kind of sale, make the sale phenomenon of attend to trifles and neglect the essentials becomes a kind of agitation very easily. The health that injures whole Internet industry then develops. Resemble originally you should take an examination of the 10th, but you made fun of some of small step, became the first. Excuse me, such the first be true the first?

If say, seo is the word of nearsightedness sale previously, so henceforth, seo will be a shortcut of website bring about one’s own destruction, original search engine has a relatively fair regulation, seo is used destroy this one regulation even, will cause the great allergy that searchs engine undoubtedly. And everybody knows, a website is indexed prop up penalty after all what to mean by search.

One, what is the purpose of SEO

The purpose no more than of SEO is the rank in raising a website to be propped up in search index.

SEO at best can call skill only, going up symmetrically absolutely is to

The website should be paid attention to can last, the correct path of long-term development.

If you can lean 60 minutes only, but did 90 minutes through a few methods constrainedly, or 100 minutes?

You obtained only small, local perhaps saying is temporary victory.

What this bit of job leaves a website is brilliant what still differ is far!

Had you thought the essence of this victory?

The website is fond of SEO, it is the behavior of a kind of nearsightedness!

2, the rice bowl that the essence of SEO grabs search engine namely

SEO passes pair of website pages to make on a few motion, will carry Ji to take the advantage of Tao of castrate of spay of Bi call on? Does Ma fetters Pa? ? The rank algorithm that EO of Hun Xiao washing with watercolors is analysed and used search engine will get the chance that searchs engine, SEO and search engine are grabbed same a rice bowl. Search engine has two good wills, was broken to merciless ground by SEO.

1. searchs result justice. The algorithm that searchs engine to have his will decide the keyword is ranked, do not hope somebody uses expedience of this one algorithmic seek absolutely.

2. contest price ranks income. If insufficient qualification discharges a website to search before a few of engine, you can draw out money to discharge that position. This bit of money has not arrived in search engine hand, be reaved by SEO first, search engine does not hate dead SEO to just be blamed. If a website is alled alone by search engine is hated dead quickly, also leave dead really not far. Everybody knows the website of newly established course of study offends angry to search engine is what consequence.

Actually, the interest that searchs engine and website is consistent, want to strive for the netizen’s satisfaction. The angle that a website stands in netizen interest only goes thinking, go decision-making, go acting, ability can get searching the favour of engine, your website makes a netizen satisfactory, the netizen is satisfactory to searching engine, the user is satisfactory to searching engine, search engine is satisfactory to your website, accordingly, making an user satisfactory just is true SEO.

Those never profess is the person of SEO, just be true SEO!

Those never do the website of SEO, the SEO that do is most, also have effect most! be like,the target also is some.