Let Baidu collect my a bit original means

The flinching that often sees some people are urgent defeats scalp to ask why to was his station collected by Baidu or say to collect why every day how so slow especially Baidu

I have bit of small method here this kind of method is not quite aboveboard but absolutely not harm others to benefit oneself

That is in namely when when after new domain name registers a success, you begin to make a station, preparing to do rubbish to stand especially

You are not done at the beginning as far as possible stand rubbish of station put through

I suggest you might as well here such doing:

That is you this new register rice (the meaning that rice is a domain name, do not laugh at me what know, be afraid that the novice does not know) first make it stands normally

Do you ask me what is normal station? Oh here I cite a few case simply casually

1: ? Although after Baidu bought Hao123, ? seems to stand to other network address not quite cold, but search engine stands to network address or prefer, because every stationmaster is in what when original whats do not understand, do for the most part,be network address station)

2: ? Calamity fact is able to bear or endure  ? Baidu won’t be sealed commonly to commercial website, the likelihood has a lot of to be willing here, for instance my fictitious: ?

3: ? Predestined relationship of Lei of  of gun of fade of Xi post Chinese alligator is able to bear or endure  ? this example is very much, do not know what is commonweal station to go really Baidu search

Those who wait for you to do above after these stations are collected by Baidu, you again website make it the station that you think to do truly

Next how Baidu won’t seal you usually do not pass person of what station, what, who is unwarrantable also the objective ingredient that a station won’t be sealed forever is unalterable

Have a meal

Still can writing slowly later a few oneself fumble of the experience that come out

What if which brother thinks,I write is incorrect also do not condemn a woman please

Because my original intention is good, the spirit that is willing to be shared together with everybody still is worth to express fine

Wind day water

On May 29, 2007