Learn and when the knowledge of very simple 20 SEO interlocution of be used to

Core clew: QA of very simple interlocution of a SEO, turn from the net to go up, attribute level of primary learn the rudiments of a subject, very helpful still to the novice, turn to him rich guest to back up, of course do not have what the thing is consolidating basic skill also is very useful point.

1, what is SEO?

Full name makes search engine to optimize. People uses search engine to search the information that he needs, so the host that serves as a website, we hope the user can come to his website through searching engine. This undertakes SEO to the website with respect to need (search engine is optimized) .

2, SEO later, what result is there?

The purpose of SEO is certain word rank raises the website that lets you on one hand, the discharge whole that lets your website on the other hand rises.

Did not do SEO suppose, so the home that you also won’t come to to systematic study this website.

3, how to know the website is searching the rank circumstance on engine?

You need to know first, what word is those who hope to there is a rank? For instance: The home of systematic study this website, hope those who have a rank is SEO, so you can search SEO on Baidu or Google directly, go searching oneself website next. If there is oneself website in 20 pages, need not search commonly. The specification still does not have very good rank at present.

4, whether to know the website was collected by search engine?

All alone in search engine inputs directly: Site: Your website domain name. For instance: Of the home that visits systematic study collect a circumstance, site: Sun-sword.cn

5, why the domain name that Site bears Www and the domain name that do not bear Www, collect an amount different?

Site does not bear the domain name of Www, included what Site bears Www domain name to collect a circumstance. For instance: Site: Sun-sword.cn so included Site: The other with Sun-sword.cn of 2 grade domain name collect quantity the sum.

6, that why sometimes Site takes Www, more than doing not have those who take Www to collect an amount?

This often is temporarily circumstance, can stabilize for some time too come down.

7, the catenary outside hearing is very important, how I know my website then outside Where is catenary?

Go up in Baidu and Google the catenary outside checking is not very accurate, at present more comprehensive is to use Yahoo. For instance: The catenary outside wanting those who examine the home of systematic study, going up input: Link: Http: / / attention: Http: / /

8, listen to everybody saying Baidu spider, what is that?

Baidu spider and Google robot, specific saying is a program. The function of this program is the content of capture webpage.

9, Baidu spider comes capture website content, can we know?

Can. The daily record that carries a website can see.

10, interesting, how does website log look?

Land tiring-room of your website FTP, see a folder that includes Log, the log is inside, deposit by date commonly. Download, solution pressing, be inside. (if do not have, that is the space does not bear a daily record)

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