Learn a lesson: Analyse a few common websites cogged sex method

Optimized pattern is mixed, outside be not being had commonly according to certain keyword, adopt pair of website structures, of page element and exterior link optimize, make the website gets first-rate searchs engine to rank. But in fact we discover, because was adopted,have a few websites optimize strategy incorrectly, not only the rank that fails to promote a website effectively, make website rank miserable instead drop to search engine to delete even.

Here we list the technology that be optimized by what illicit of Google public proclamation belongs to SPAM property is drawn lessons from for everybody.

One: Conceal text / obscure a link

Show the webpage alls alone for search engine place is designed only commonly, but common the text content that the person that visit cannot see or link. In concealing a technology mixedly, the font color setting that the commonnest is a text or link character is as identical as setting color or very adjacent.

Conceal text content (Invisable/hidden Text)

Appetent affecting the premise with beautiful website to fall to raise keyword dependency to notch through including the webpage of a large number of keywords, achieve improvement to search the purpose that engine ranks thereby.

Obscure a link (Invisable/hidden Links)

Appetent what affecting the premise with beautiful website to fall to point to a target to optimize a page through be being added in other page is invisible link, through promotion the link notchs and improvement searchs engine to rank.

Engine of most now search can detect conceal a technology, regard as cogged. Include consequently implicit the penalty that the webpage of text faces the rank that be reduced by search engine to delete list even. Although there is no lack of on Google,use invisible technology and the website that escapes by good luck, but most person still thinks undeserved risk this danger. Can inspect text content to make sure density can achieve certain keyword to optimize the effect identically through adding actually.

2: Webpage and Google description not agree with

Happen at referring a website to search engine first commonly, this website is replaced with other page again after waiting for this website to be collected. Bait behavior (Bait- – Switch) lift – to found to optimize page and a common page with respect to what belong to this kind of perpetrate a fraud, next optimize a page to refer search engine, replace with common page again after optimizing a page to be alled alone by search engine is collected.

3: Misdirect sex or repeatability keyword

Misdirect sex keyword (Misleading Words)

The person that as irrelevant as this webpage fine long hair misdirect sex keyword is used to attract the visit that inquires this theme in the page visits a website. This kind of practice affected search engine place badly to offer the dependency of the result and objectivity, the index that it is search props up a detest.

Repeatability keyword (Repeated Words)

This kind of cogged technology also is called keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases is cheated (Keyword Stuffing) , the high attention that it uses search index to prop up the keyword that appears in pair of webpage text and caption will undertake to the keyword unreasonable (excessive) repeat. Similar other way still includes to be in HTML yuan key word of a large number of load one’s writing with fancy phrases in the label or the dependency that use label of many pivotal character to raise a keyword. This kind of technology is alled alone by search engine is aware of very easily and be punished accordingly.

4: Invisible page (Cloaked Page)

Right the person that visit actually or search engine either just conceal true website content, be not the content with true search friendly engine to promote a rank with alling alone to search engine is offerred.

5: Beguiling sex is heavy directional (Deceptive Redirects)

The first page that points to an user visit (land page) weigh quickly directional the page that differs completely to a content.

Ghost region (Shadow Domain)

This is the commonnest deceit sex weighs directional technology, weigh through cheating a gender directional make the user visits another website or page. Use HTML refresh to mark commonly (Meta Refresh) will come true. Search engine to won’t index mostly the page that uses this label. If you use refresh label to detect browser or resolution, so use Javascript please, and extend heavy directional time as far as possible. If must use heavy directional function, be sure to ensure refresh is periodic please so not less than 10 seconds.

Still a kind of circumstance opens a website when the user namely, this website claims its website already moved to fall to new domain name, ask an user to click link of new domain name to enter a website. But just discover after the user goes in, this link is link of a member. This also belongs to beguiling sex to weigh directional behavior.