Lan Yunfeng: Discuss do evil of network market sale and concept of blame do evil

Network market sale (Online Marketing, OM) of the following abbreviation is one is full of technology and wisdom, sureness and assiduous synthesis. The field that OM includes is very much, search engine to optimize for example (Search Engine Optimization, abbreviation SEO) , search engine sale (Search Engine Marketing, abbreviation SEM) , news is acclaimed (News Hyping, abbreviation NH) , the sale below the line (Offline Marketing, abbreviation OFM) is waited a moment a series of content.

None exaggerated says, network market sale is opposite in Internet times social importance is completely OK rival with traditional market sale, had had even, and all without exception and. Sale of market of convention of no less than is same, OM is existing as much the sale means of a few disgust: Many rubbish mail is full of the email of people, countless rubbish comments were flooded communicate normally between the netizen, the advertisement that blot out the sky and cover up the earth brings about an user unavailable materiality content then a lot of people above definitions of these network sale action became network sale do evil.

To OMer, if OM does not use evil means, it is very difficult more satisfactory discharge is attracted below the circumstance of short time low investment. The client can stand on the angle of themselves to think only, and OMer must stand in the client, think at the same time on 3 point of view of oneself and company. I can experience the distress with all deep OMer, because I also am one of them.

A lot of moment, need him OMer goes thinking, how can the method of a kind of do evil be thinkinged by general public just change the way that they can take over. This invites a kind of medium of sale of market of the convention before I remembered early: At first, each company low hire hands are many hand, every every are next to hair handbill. They go to the handbill throw in a crack between a door and its frame, went. But the ending of this handbill often is to do not have by anybody settle on, throw away when waste paper directly. Change of shift of this kind of sale becomes one individual station street later, see somebody is transient, pass a piece of leaflet, if passerby does not want, call in, preparation gives next person. The means after changing won’t cause the discomfort of passerby completely. It is hair handbill likewise, but changed a kind of concept, what ending changes is different.

So why we cannot change a kind of way, where is a kind of means that uses same method to won’t let a person consider as do evil however?

1, do evil method: Send many rubbish mail. Blame do evil: Rich relevant data is joined in mail, collect arrange NewsLetter form to send.

2, do evil method: Publish many rubbish comment, let a client click link him website among them. Blame do evil: Seek a few relevant forum, many positive answer is relevant problem, keep oneself link incidentally, possible even because the answer is very good, promotion is after edition advocate, degree of belief increases a lot of. Quiz with waists-coat, waists-coat buy supports, ask oneself answers oneself a few things that can add an user to experience.

3, do evil: The advertisement that blots out the sky and cover up the earth on the page is not do evil: Choose a page relevant advertisement, leave just a little only, user settle on natural meeting site, increased user experience.

Still have a lot of sides, I am not lifted one by one here piece. Google ever had said: Good SEO is a kind of when increase user experience significant step, we hold with; but exceeding SEO lost user experience, we object stoutly with check. Right amount the standard that also makes OM divisional do evil and blame do evil with excessive. Think conversely, even if excessive, wanted to change a concept only, be not unworkable. For instance you are sent to website of guest of a rich 1000 rubbish are commented on and go up to send a comment each to website of 1000 rich guest, was to send 1000 comments likewise, but the effect is absolutely and complete different. 1000 comments are sent on a website, your ID is banned immediately absolutely, probable place is useful the comment that this ID publishs is deleted completely (should remember, present website technology comes true very easily) ; so publish a comment to website of 1000 rich guest, although this comment also is rubbish comment, but the amount is too little, won’t affect user experience, so Webmaster is to won’t pay attention to you this comment. The time that although arrive on website of 1000 rich guest,sends expenditure of a comment each accordingly and energy are very big, but the result is absolutely comparative 1000 comments are published to have the effect on website of guest of a rich.

To here, affirmative somebody can refute my notion: No matter which kinds of method was to send 1000 rubbish comment, if rubbish is commented on,be do evil only.

Yes, this kind of method from come up at all saying also is kind of do evil, I am not denied. But the true meaning of the concept problem that I just mentioned is, although my do evil, user experience is less than me is in do evil, perhaps be experienced, but only that negligible little feels, so right for the client, I am not do evil.

Sale, a few more thorough in light of, it is a kind of explicit expression form that pursues psychological research. Want how to just can let an user be browsed to our website, want the product that how the user purchases us on the net to wait a moment, it is a kind of research of pair of user psychology. Should let an user feel we are not only in do evil, so we are not. Can imagine, a beggar denounced one yuan each to 1000 people, people can take him but; wants to let him denounce 1000 yuan to a person, a kind of what kind of circumstance is you feel to meet? Every arrive same differ phasing is the same as an user demand that the website browses. To them, the content that satisfies him requirement only just is valuable content, and of the others calculate worthless, namely rubbish content, also be a kind of do evil that covert at the same time. The provides their place demand accurately for each user value sex content that we have specific aim impossibly very much, so what we can do is desalt the content of worthless do evil in their eye, let them feel be less than this is a kind of do evil.

I am in no less than the OM that the article mentions is one is full of technology and wisdom, sureness and assiduous synthesis. If one is engaged in the person of OM be being had only,be free from anxiety and assiduous, so he can be called OMR(Online Marketing Robot only, network sale robot) ; if he still has certain technology at the same time, also can be called only so personnel of OMer(market sale) if; is had at the same time 4 person, so he can be called OMP(Online Marketing Professor, ) of market sale expert.

Have and only OMP just can be approbated, a lot of OMer are mere need change OM concept can call OMP. Still remember a bookshop those famous market sale (traditional market sale) book author? Perhaps later inside one among them transformed namely your composing of OM concept.