Know of engine of all alone letting search your SEO yuan the acknowledge that mark optimizes

Searching engine basically do not have the gift of tongues. They are locomotive machine only, try to understand all content related to the site, and the site that analytic result can make clear to which key word showed you. To search engine robot, can hint relevantly through offerring, make complex job is able to simplify. The word on the format that this is content of headline of yuan of mark, page, page and page develops the place of action. Finally, when using the key word related to the site and phrase, index with search the understanding degree that props up pair of sites was concerned completely.

This article basically uses the importance that understands mark and content, right the job of the site (whether to omit number, having page headline and description, content is correctly format changed) undertake examine and be recordinged. It is very important to the effectiveness of SEO below or once very important variable detailed list:

Site yuan mark, yuan key word and describe a lot of sites to just use yuan of mark, key word and description to undertake surf, and do not pay close attention to the dependency with page content, and search engine is in answer respect of this one fact to become more intelligence was changed. Because compare these choices,algorithm is ranked to went up to lose original status gradually in the page. Believe these have on your page, but after yuan of number was set in all pages, the magical effect that you expect can not come true certainly. Still must do more.

HTML page headline understands page content aspect in search engine, page headline still has very great value. Page headline is having main effect in respect of computational page dependency. The proposal uses the most relevant page description in page headline. Still have, whether must have page headline to undertake checking to all pages.

The format of text and image is changed (text type and Alt mark) in page body, we use different text type (the) such as the text of mark of H1 caption, HTML, boldface, these text types are very main, and compare the rank of general text in the page more before leaning. When the most relevant key word and content are used in the page, to caption the use need of mark and boldface text compares reason and discretion.

To the image on the site, use Alt labels (use it please! ) the content that can help search engine fix picture, of course, this also conduces to solve 504 mistakes.

Page content the carbon of every page is very important also. Searching engine is all content on capture page only, use mode to match to notch with attribute next will have a rank.