Keyword of owner of travel of a month arrives actual combat of home page SEO (Yahoo and Google piece)

Case client: Beijing acuteness wet wart treats net network address:

1. keyword chooses:

Earlier choice keyword suggests not to want overheat, also do not want super-cooling. Inquire through Google keyword can preliminary judgement:

Https:// DefaultView=2

The station above we use network of acerb wet verrucous cure, wet wart treats acuteness of direct and outstanding keyword, the effect that the keyword reflects in TITLE is cannot small inspect.

2. label set:

1)title acuteness wet wart treats a net – professional and acerb wet verrucous symptom is diagnosed with remedial service center.

2keywords acuteness wet wart, venereal, acerb wet verrucous specific goes following, acuteness is wet blame, the cure of acuteness wet wart, acerb wet verrucous picture, wet wart of false sex acuteness, acuteness is wet blame medicaments, acuteness wet wart is infected

Wet wart of 3)di***ion professional acuteness treats aid website, offer acerb wet wart, acerb wet You Zhi to know, acerb wet verrucous symptom, picture, cure, diagnostic method. Specially good effect goes following, require one in season only, safe and complete, pull out the root cause of illness or trouble.

Those who be worth a specification is, what wrongly written or mispronounced characters and fault fasten a word can consider appropriately to apply when the keyword is installed, in this industry, acuteness is wet the odds that be searched especially and appears is very big. The discharge that if this word behaves good word,obtains and client should be not little.

3. keyword layout:

3.1 add LOGO picture ALT= acuteness wet wart to treat

3.2 coping navigation

What do as a result of itself is single product station, keyword density will be higher, need not notice keyword density painstakingly so.
From the point of the information of GG and YAHOO capture, the action of De***ion still exists, roughly write a law to be used namely clear and coherent the language that knows easily presents the website visitor,
Can blend in keyword and information of a few products to wait among them.

3.3 layout

The website used product station and article station band, on half part stresses a product, below half part stressed a literary works, slip door effect the question with much column friendly platoon gets rid of.
Partial place added product aptitude, case, order inquiry, deliver goods announce accords with the element that the user experiences etc. Those who add online station is online leave a message system,
Caller guides to undertake actively communicating with customer service on older rate.

3.3 newer.

Of website content updating is a very important segment all the time. Company station and the blemish with a lot of product current stations are put in this place for the most part, in this above station,
Website core was used at present the DEDECMS of the mainstream, facilitate greatly update and safeguard. The link of the website, will flexible language is released in the website that gives priority to with industry of healthy medical treatment, forum (best choice reprints the website with high rate) .

2) search props up engine revulsive draft

To accelerate search engine collect, increase quickly guide link, but will optimize the strategy formal hair with case to wait for a website in, Xywy originally, flow of this kind of website is large, search engine updates frequency tall. Note: Flexible language as far as possible head hair in, after 24 hours republication stands to other.

3.4 forum are publicized
Type of each Great Harmony and forum of similar kind industry undertake collect conduct propaganda. If flexible language is released, sign strategy is waited a moment.

3.5BLOG conduct propaganda
Build BLOG to undertake conduct propaganda. Address of seniority of 500 big BLOG downloads the whole world: / Sousuo_Yinqing/ .

3.7 friendship are linked.

Exchange friendship to link with congener station and similar site, do not add too much.

3.8SEO detail is more important, be experienced ceaselessly in actual combat and improve, regular meeting has many results.

4. links strategy

4.1 links form
With acuteness wet wart, acerb wet verrucous cure is link text to undertake linking operating. If the place of additional explicit link appears wet wart of a few acuteness when change as far as possible with other words, for instance wet wart treats acuteness, female acuteness wet wart is waited a moment.

4.2 promotion article
Major stalks of grain: Preparation popularizes an article at least 3 pieces, for example:

How is acuteness wet wart treated, the text that the experience of my acerb wet verrucous cure, acuteness wet wart that how chooses to suit oneself treats the type such as medicaments, want to make chain with acerb wet verrucous cure in article to.

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