Keyword of 2007 video website

The Youtube 2006 depicted a beautiful myth to China’s puerile video industry. Drive mythologically in this then below, video industry thrive of home, video website amount soares many 200, the industrial catenary with the clear division of labor inside short time has seen scale first, telegraphic operation business, content makes trade, technical provider, video search, the adcraft is joined in succession come in. After the video website of the China 2007 begins to discover blind follows suit, occurrence problem is very serious, become the deadly injury of relation rise and fall likely.


Discharge becomes the one old law of Internet industry for Wang Yi classics, video website also is unavoidable this common. To attract eyeball, groovy practice is hold a memorial ceremony for the certain skill that gives netizen love behaves a form, and time-tested. Zhang Yu accomplished actor cruel, elegant cabinet female upgraded green recreation. Also heart of hope for success is cut, before paragraph the ZhongGuanCun of time is online inspect with actor, recent Hunan interconnection sky.
This is a Shuang Renjian, in bring eyeball while, also can cause negative effect to the brand. Video website majority chose recreational popular location, estate of vest in careless root. Wait for discharge snack plus pornography or edge ball, force swarm into, will naturally be opposite originally not video website of high end helps next class again. The result is brand and development existence malady not just, be take-overed probably to make continuously by the government sector.

Pilfer edition

Although video website is in,the seeks oneself individuation in an attempt to that do one’s utmost gains the advantage of forestall sex in some domain, but review video industry the content of hundred uploads rate, can suffer chasing after the high grade content that hold in both hands is little more little. Identical content is in to repeat the ground to be moved in website of much home video move, content is coessential change an appearance very serious. On the other hand, video website is in most on the way that seeks individuation, copyright issue also will make one big hidden trouble, weathy Google has been his when buying Youtube cost of ready brushstroke lawsuit, video website of home faces this problem likewise. " mad stone " shape accuses potato also is only begin.


Video website of China gets for a time of Vc chase after hold in both hands, 2003 up to now the favour that home had 16 video website to obtain Vc, financing amount is close 100 million dollar, long-term investment did not see any feasibility profit pattern, cause Vc interest acute to decrease, had begun to maintain wait-and-see attitude 2006. Video website falls in capital pilot element, also undertook shuffling, formed echelon formation. Somebody predicts video website will undertake knockout 2007. The Gu Yongqiang of actor cruel is more clear give out a doorsill: Do not make video without 100 million yuan. Vc tends sober; The cost such as server, bandwidth still is continueing to increase; Feasibility profit pattern is unsharpness still wait for main factor, if using Ma Yun, will describe present video website is: Today is brutal, brutaller tomorrow, will win namely the day after tomorrow, a lot of people die tonight, cannot see the sun tomorrow!

The user that home had watched network video 2006 is achieved 63 million, 47% what hold netizen number. The expert is forecasted, this scale arrives hopeful was achieved 2010 80% . In this moment, whole video industry is expecting the occurrence of an Immanuel.