Key word selects measure analysis

This basically explains a net to choose the measure of key word. Website or webpage key word look surely really be like is one is not very systematic job, but if want really competitive key word, want to bring discharge for the website through key word, must choose right key word. And the course that key word chooses is a work that compares a system actually, only according to relevant flow one pace is done, not be to choose key word blindly, ability analyses the key word of tall efficiency.

There are a lot of implied meanings that choose about key word above the network, but the flow that divulged in these articles key word is chosen only normally, a few methods that in doing not have a these processes, use and website are announced come out. The article comes to those who analysed key word choose a course from flow and specific implementation process.

A large number of relevant key word analyse: The industry that should be in to the website above all undertakes industry website key word analyses: Analytic competitor uses what key word, pay close attention to in Gu Ge hot a list of names posted up, Baidu heats up the netizen such as a list of names posted up, Alibaba to spend used search again portal and shopping website appears to be in the key word related the industry with oneself. It is referenced network address below:

Gu Ge heats up Https:// of a list of names posted up

Baidu index: /

Alibaba is popular search: / All.html

Key word searchs a quantity: After analysing big many key word, be about to undertake an analysis to the search quantity of key word, choose a netizen to use more key word from inside a large number of key word. Consult the tool has:

Baidu index: /

Price of the competitive webpage amount of key word, contest: All alone in the search such as Google, Baidu engine retrieves relevant key word directly, analyse competitive webpage quality and amount, examine key word to be in the price of the contest price of Baidu and Google

Key word efficiency defines optimal key word: Search price of amount of webpage of competition of quantity, key word, contest to key word through above after price analysis, the weight with gift particular to price of price of competitive webpage amount, contest, measure with the search / price of price of competitive webpage amount, contest; Reach key word efficiency; The key word that chooses bigger efficiency serves as website and column advocate key word

Grow end key word: Pass the analysis of above, single out certain search is measured but competition is not the compensatory key word that very intense long end key word regards a website as