Key of method of on 10 thousand discharge is uncovered close

In summing up a few to do website process, acquire and carry out the medium method that increases website flow:

1.Website billabong: ? Does tip of hot Miao of  of dredge of condyle of herd of lens of brandish of  of  of  of dredge of condyle of herd of instrument of bell of  the first month grow instrument of know well bell to be able to bear or endure does  hold know well of  of octogenarian of  of Ju of  of bits blame Yun to circle Zhang Nai extensive cheats ⒛ of common of  of play clique bowstring health mire  of handleless cup Jia?

2.Does search engine optimize: ?

Stand anew 0IP arrives the primary technological process of 3000IP above:

A. The website has been built, did not break chain, structure cannot too deep, website catalog structure has been decided, because of website structure change make the rank glides easily, best two class catalog, every catalog optimizes a keyword, every page is optimized carefully, add key word, not much, it is OK that every page puts 9 key words. Every page can have Qing Xi’s navigation, best the either page that every page can enter a website (although impossible, but as far as possible. Want to make the index page of a complete station, map page. ) , if won’t do a webpage, download order of customer of a rich, make a static state the sort of, , this is SEO it is very useful, because you can guard a pass,be English regard a file as the name, be gone to easily by search.

B. Submit search entry, exchange a link with the station of some PR conditionally, what ribbon of the hair on the forum that props up constant patronage links is bring to stick to the search if doing not have child (Site:xXx. Com/bbs/ can see search engine often collects this forum east east)

C. Update home page everyday, add bit of content, increase some of exterior link to wait, even if be the other side,did not link with you, you also can link others, do not think ate to have a deficit, the algorithm that searchs engine probably reflected the spirit that Internet shares, the benefit that recommends exterior link to search engine is greatly, by its it is catenary a few related to your station content and shed generous, PR divides some taller website. The vivid jerk of the website is taller, search reptile the more often patronage your website, the opportunity that collects of course and the amount that collect a webpage are more also.

D. Exchange a link every weeks with other at least, after all, return chain or need.

E. In Baidu the word with large flow is found in popular word list, those who do to concern this word webpage, best control is in this webpage in 20KB. Do next some of this webpage return chain.

F. This appearance spent a few time, you can discover in tally the website was collected by engine of a few searches, that is first-rate did, the person that the webpage that often reads what statement selects is some more, at this moment you change change this webpage, can add some of content more for this webpage, perhaps be a keyword to build a list, the station in a small station waits make it a moment, should spend some of time of course.

G. Passed one year so, your webpage amount had the possibility 300 to 400 pages, if every page can have 10 people to pass search engine to find your website, that is not 3000-4000IP, if everybody reads two 3 pages, that PV is not 10 thousand was controlled, this appearance discharge arose.

3.Use a net to be picked increase flow, the net picks a station recently a lot of, but those who have flow is not very much. An account can be registered on these websites, collect oneself webpage, if can appear in home page, discharge is not little.

4.The first when often see a little popular keyword is clicked go in to run to other website content however, the method that hears these ace are used is Cloaking, this method compares adventure, cost is some higher, but the effect is pretty good, do not cross a method not quite morality, I also won’t.

5.To discharge big forum is sent some good stick child, resemble me such, the likelihood also can take some of flow, but much tiredder than doing SEO, aptitude for writing is good try.