JavaScript reachs settlement way to the influence of SEO

Core clew: If be in Html,the complex function such as too much use JavaScript, Cookie, conversational ID, frame, DHTML or Flash is met make search engine capture tool to may encounter a problem when capture website

JavaScript is in SEO very headaching problem, on one hand we in the webpage the need in making uses JavaScript to achieve flowery specially good effect, and on one hand JavaScript can is opposite again the capture analysis that searchs engine causes bad effect. The very clear specification in the official documentation of Google, if be in Html,the complex function such as too much use JavaScript, Cookie, conversational ID, frame, DHTML or Flash is met make search engine capture tool to may encounter a problem when capture website.

It is Google not only, yahoo also has in official documentation emphasize similarly:

Use search engine to be able to know other text news as far as possible, avoid the sophisticated technology such as overmuch JavaScript, Cookie, frame, DHTML or Flash.

Although Baidu does not have clear specification, but the practice with many course, baidu also cannot undertake discriminating to JavaScript.

Created a problem so, the overmuch JavaScript code in the webpage is right undoubtedly content of webpage of search engine analysis increases difficulty, if the link in the webpage also is the word that has many JavaScript composition, so search engine cannot go down the link even capture webpage.

Such word, overmuch use JavaScript caused the following effect:

1, caused interference to searching engine to analyse webpage content. 2, influence keyword density. 3, webpage of capture of engine of serious cloggy search. 4, the influence distributings by the webpage weight that links generation, this can have normally on PageRank reflect.

To the effect that capture and link weight place cause, the catenary outside still can be being used will make up for, but the first 2 o’clock is rescue not easily however.

If where not to affect webpage result and JavaScript is used below friendly to searching engine premise, do not affect SEO result thereby?

1, avoid navigation etc to link use JavaScript absolutely. Navigation and the Lai Yisheng that linking is webpage of search engine capture put this, if search engine cannot capture webpage, represented a webpage to won’t appear in index result, also mention a rank with respect to have no way.

2, avoid to use JavaScript to content as far as possible. Especially related to the keyword partial content, should avoid to use JavaScript to show as far as possible, should reduce keyword density otherwise without doubt.

3, the part that needs use JavaScript really, put script of this part JavaScript be in or in file of a few.js, can avoid to disturb the capture that searchs engine and analysis so.

4, the partial JavaScript script that cannot be put in.js file really, put them in the end end of Html code, before </body, when such making that search engine to analyse a webpage, final ability can discover it, reduce the interference to searching engine.

A few methods of above are to eliminate JavaScript to cite the adverse effect that prop up to the search. Actually on the contrary, a thing normally advantageous also have disadvantage. The use of JavaScript also is such, not certain use JavaScript is bad certainly, go using JavaScript on certain level, have very good effect to SEO instead, namely openly action.

We have respecting to search engine to cannot undertake discriminating to JavaScript (although Google accomplished a few pair of simple JavaScript code to make at present,discern, but the simple code) that also should be Document Write and so on only then.

So change a point of view for, we can use JavaScript completely to filter information of a few rubbish.

What is meant by rubbish information? Be opposite not only namely for the angle from SEO analysis of search engine capture is trashy, still can cause the adverse information such as interference to keyword density. Normally these rubbish information include: Advertisement, copyright declares, a large number of deriving link, wait a moment with content irrelvant information. In we can throw these rubbish information all or counting a.js file, reduce the interference of pair of page essence content thereby, increase keyword density, to the search engine reveals the core of page content.

If everybody has fun at, issue me to be able to share the SEO method of complete Flash website.