JavaScript props up optimized influence and solution to search index

In a group of people of same interest of engine of two big searches, the processing of Baidu of many practice proof to JAVASCRIP very not ideal and the processing of GOOGLE is close friends a few.

Many JavaScript appears to be able to give search engine crawl to increase difficulty in the webpage. Its basically affect have the following:

1. interference searchs a spider to contain an analysis internally

2. virtually reduced key word density

Of weight of 3. influence webpage distributing

So how to avoid such problem effectively, javaScript must be used in webpage design process, the settlement to this problem we can effective avoid and cannot avoid completely. Basically avoid these problems from the following respects:

JavaScript pull-down bill of fare is not used as far as possible in 1. navigation, this problem I had alluded in a lot of articles, navigation does not want for good-looking and use JavaScript specially good effect or FLASH are finished, right in that way SEO is very adverse.

The link of portion of 2. article content does not use JavaScript to show as far as possible, have some of website especially to the link make use JavaScript produce DIV result, do not have the advantage of materiality to SEO so, should as far as possible link of standard of press close to. If must want to use really, OK and referenced page rescripts will achieve the result, the spider is a special browser, so you still should notice the HTML source of own website.

3. as far as possible write many JS file of a JS to raise rate of page to load. No matter be to be in user experience or spider to browse, the to load rate of the webpage rises have profit to SEO, when founding BLOG with WP, deep experience arrived, the JS that to load incorporates compares to load the rate of 2 above JS can rise greatly.

4. calls the analytic need of the bottom.JS of code of JS park page as far as possible many establish go finishing, put at bottom to be able to accelerate rate of webpage to load not only, return a large number of analysises of spider of can effective avoid to JavaScript code.

To the test of JS, GOOGLE does be close friends than Baidu some, but before searching engine technology to did not get used to JS completely, website content still wants as far as possible little use JS.