It is very important that website interior links construction rationalize

In searching engine operation principle, mentioned spider or network robot, we can associate to the link, how because the spider is,move? Come through the process that crawls between link and link namely capture webpage content. How to obtain very rapid rate to make a spider creeping? It is to search engine to optimize good website to become a link for certain. This link also can say is outside catenary or guide link. Pretty good, guide the addition of the link can is opposite really the integral weight promotion of the website has certain help, but website interior links construction to had been done is to increase a search likewise engine is friendly spent main factor.

A lot of people may not know, rationalize of construction of the link inside the station is actually right SEO (search engine is optimized) have profit, most at least can reduce number of spider inner ear, rising to what website whole page ranks also is very useful. If be user consideration and search index to prop up considerate word, building an elegant website map is very right choice, after website map has been built, can refer each to search engine greatly directly, make search engine to know the structure of the website easily, this map visits according to each webpages.

Inside a significant position is returned in catenary, it is article and article between join each other, when for instance we write a new article again, mention a station inside previously when the caption of a certain page, can do a character to link for this, catenary arrives previously that page, still can open relevant article column to cite of course many articles caption, for the angle from GOOGLE, mean PR to deliver an element, the page that can link for those delivers PR to be worth. For the angle from Baidu, can better acquisition weight, increase the rank of what page thereby.

No matter search engine to tell from which, construction of in-house link rationalize is the main factor that raises search whole engine. We do not answer this group is oversight, should consider these issues from this respect more.

Does in-house link build you to had been done? It is very important that website interior links construction rationalize!