It is very important that from two cases the analysis searchs address of the IP in optimizing

In process of service of a few years of SEO, I ever had experienced all sorts of types to need the site that SEO serves, for example: Those who include much trade keyword is the enterprise website that popularizes with the product, perpendicular the B2C store that the website of the Web2.0 with complex top rate, specific keyword optimizes kind of information website, page is waited a moment, before SEO is optimized with complex website also has been come up against to rank metabolic problem after optimizing.

Not bad nevertheless, handle the careful research of the level by right of algorithmic to the search understanding and SEO, those problems all received the solution with correct conclusion and feasible test and verify, for instance: The time train in excess specified length that ranks cache of the circumstance in the absolutely still inside two months, webpage is waited a moment; However, I ever also had been experienced personally let me 100 consider the difficult problem that does not get its to solve.

What should speak of today is about website IP the address is opposite the influence of SEO, with two actual SEO case serves as a specification.

SEO serves case one:

Type of service: Chinese keyword is optimized

Website type: Rich guest

Appoint search engine: Baidu is optimized


The line on keyword rank stability 1 week hind explodes suddenly an unusual appearance: In inquiring the webpage collects quantitative discovery to leave library of index of webpage of Baidu of home page existence only, page of other content webpage, list all is deleted, keyword rank disappears, before appearing in snapshot result 100 inside.


All deriving link content of guest of normal, rich to be updated continuously (produce 1-2 everyday piece the former content that achieve a gender) , keyword density moderate, abuse a circumstance without label, without the search gimmick of illicit of engine explicit order, do not have action of similar bridge page. . . In the meantime, baidu spider still does not leave to this rich guest do not abandon. Nevertheless, or should more seek an issue from website oneself; I think from beginning to end, search engine can accept reasonable SEO, it is to the SEO strategy of rich guest website what is more,the rather that for many times SEO project test and verify is feasible. Be in later and be informed: The space of fictitious lead plane that is in before rich guest website is very not stable, stationmaster purchased new space afresh, just keyword rank disappears changing namely with the circumstance that collects webpage clear sky appear after the space. Whether does problem root knot depend on this still cannot deciding curtly, I check this server instead through IP all website list below IP, examination of one by one, discovery among them two sites were not collected by Baidu, and have a few cogged suspicion, I do not decide whether Baidu can depend on this to issue other site to undertake falling counterpoising handling to be the same as IP, but I or proposal stationmaster changed again a new space. New space is used probably after 10 days, occupy a library like hundred degree RollBack is same, the webpage collects an amount restorable, although the rank that assigns a keyword returns the first page, but dropped however two.

Conclusion: Baidu is put very possibly in database of the cogged penalty mechanism that sits repeatedly and IP blacklist, if your website and be suspected of cogged website common an IP address perhaps sails the word of IP blacklist, that will be one makes a person very anxious mix dread affection; Borrow this to planning hire is fictitious the website of lead plane advocate people carry wake, whether is perhaps you should examine the neighbour that plays you with your pinkeye reliable; Baidu processing SPAM is should also is inevitable, nevertheless means method still remains to strengthen, otherwise this rare already the IP resource that lack is one disaster after another more.

The database when the webpage collects an amount to restore to also mean Baidu to be put in to face likely uses the webpage that saves those to be deleted temporarily, the database when just not be clear that this is faced gives you the time that more or less gives up evil and return to good, the example above is lucky, discover a problem and quick response solved a problem in time, be escaped gun muzzle, stand completely otherwise the passionate ice that banned consequence perhaps can let make a station at the outset comes at 0 o’clock. Play a heartbeat, look for Baidu please.