It is optimal that how the URL of SEO optimizes ability

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A lot of people know URL is right the important part of SEO, but a lot of sites however oversight the method of the site is optimized. When are oneself written here today about optimizing way is small!

In optimizing, him conclusion goes out to be in about site URL also is to occupy a it is important to comparative for to optimize actually! When is him URL that optimizes a site labelled.

1.URLs and search make the judgement that prop up
He visit a lot of sites is with the number or date is method actually among this means although be not had bad, but included many limitation to the search however. The associated sex of the site that URL can leave to search to all alone engine reads the title that takes an implied meaning to judge you because, give a site because of this to award weight. Include to at present a lot of BLOG have used TAG to be able to undertake assorted to use at the same time.

2.Keyword and URL

The URL that uses much means optimizes strategy, go to keyword confluence URL besides awarding weight to search engine. The URL that also gives caller direct recognize site a kind of means. Of course your URL key must be mixed content is dependency, otherwise you do also will surely not get very good weight from calm URL.

The crucial syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech of 3. domain name is qualitative

We mention the URLs about the keyword above, so if your site becomes a keyword, and URLs basically also is by the content of your site, the site that this kind type can say you is optimized in URL again how good, also can be alled alone by search engine is folded greatly. Searching engine is not a person, it can press search caller only and undertake computational ranking. When oneself also suggest to choose a domain name can choose finally related content. Can consult below a few rows of site of a few GOOGLE child:,, When choosing a domain name finally is give priority to with the word.

4. optimizes your URL structure

When the URLs that optimizes you to search engine, must bring the one beyond results that props up considering the search more

The 4.1 keywords that purify you, capture key term confluence to be in your URL framework

For example: This your article is crucial PM3, so include a domain name the term of accessary MP3 this word, again integrated do not need a whole caption to URL shirt-sleeve go in, need to carry only take term of partial focal point on accessary method. For example your this article caption is to cry: “The music that MP3 gives off is very Orphean " so URL can define for:, is not, this kind is mixed and disorderly, search engine cannot judge an URL to have what keyword and sense.

The comparison of 4.2 use static states and dynamic URL

The advantage of the URL of use static state is the problem that cannot escaping is speed of course, like searching engine and person. If the spider is citing demand your site moment your site is abrupt speed slows, can bring about a spider to abandon capture your site data. Spider capture when the speed of the website cannot overtime. And time is restricted only depend on 3 seconds inside. The advantage of use static state reduces your site to run resource namely. Raise visit speed to get those who search engine climb thereby take an issue. And a lot of sites of dynamic URL meet some when discharge is much overtime. Also can exceed the site that abandons you into the spider so.