It is OK also to do Google 5W Ip teachs you one day to cast off Baidu

8 the beginning of the year, I once had made a station, as a result of when outside doing, be being connected, not careful join goes to by Baidu already the station that K dropped, the Baidu that brings about me as a result is collected turn into from 5W 0, at that time for a time heart grey meaning is cold, want to change domain name redo, but because that domain name suits my website very at that time, determination does not depend on Baidu from the back, try those who begin Google to optimize course, final fact proves, want you only optimize kongfu pass a barrier, google also can bring huge discharge.

The person friend that is familiar with me should have read the article that I sent yesterday, about how be Baidu optimizes Av this key word, right, the key word that I become this in Google also is Av.

Advanced article has been carried, baidu optimizes Av key word, I am to use with dispatch Blog group build method of hair post and connective to optimize, but be in later Google, the fact proves this kind of method is no good, so I adopted the following to undertake optimizing

One, page design, the design of the page and the page design that optimize Baidu are same, without sedulous change, specific that article has been told, here not repeat, the fact proves, this is not important, google already label of Meta of look down on. Care to link range only.

2, Pr, a lot of friends say Pr now how, pr how, was like Pr to was not used, the fact tells everybody, do Google to optimize, pr is very important, without Pr, whats are false, the rank also won’t go up, how to do Pr, seek the friendship link of tall Pr, everybody understands, but the family joins with you by what, buy, right, can buy only, the sky collects to you without the thing that drops casually, since be determined to make Google flow, the penny that spend a dot cannot be saved absolutely, I spent hundreds of, looked for a few Pr to make connection in the station of 4 above and me. But when buying, want to notice, aux would rather beautiful money buys a few Pr a bit smaller but outside even a bit less also website, also do not buy those Pr6, it is completely outside connected station.

3, derive join, this Google takes seriously very much, if your website derives join is done not have, your rank is absolutely won’t tall, my station at that time did 10 to derive join

4, Google seems to prefer Org site, not tall to the good impression of Com and Net, this I use Org domain name namely at that time, so this is passed. Waited for a rank to stabilize ability to be changed.

5, look for search tool, search your station name, perhaps search your forum, the station name that lets you is relapsed to refer.

Through the operation of above, after a month, google searchs Av, my station is in the first, some friends saw my Baidu optimize Av to believe not quite, right, baidu is K my station, nevertheless Google does not have K, I did not say network address, him everybody goes looking.

Sum up experience, google also has the key word that a few tall searches measure, you do not look for the key get, resemble me this keyword, 5W Ip is not what problem a day absolutely. See you do not search get a keyword.

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