It is not difficult to achieve an article to be collected by Baidu formerly

Often say: See a book treat a skin, see a newspaper see a problem.

Although this says not comprehensive, but the value that saw headline from an angle, a moment ago registered name of a Zhang in Baidu rich guest: Published a few articles casually, be less than two hours to be collected immediately. See next pictures please:

Summary is as follows:

1, keep distinctive content, do not want the website piracy from others, do not borrowed the article of others. This nots allow to argue. Your reader wants fresh content, through writing a few good, individual thing, this is optimized to your website can have very great help, you will win get one’s own back.

Bogus is done to be achieved formerly if be no good really, also be achieve content to alter formerly, add a content brief summary of what, it is better to perhaps write afresh by the meaning that achieves content formerly.

2, content is high quality as far as possible, can accomplish best, because this is search,all alone engine and user are the way that likes most, but very much now stationmaster is not a writer, not be have an outstanding eloquence, the go to school that cannot do so is worn the method above drills slowly.

3, caption includes a keyword as far as possible, can help search engine spider crawl so, the article index that helps you falls in these keywords, and help reader retrieval content. Can do bit of keyword to investigate, the popular keyword that gets according to you next writes an article.

4, in put when writing an article, must notice the uniqueness of article caption. Best when over Baidu search search one, whether to exist. Just decide the orientaton of caption next. Flexible language must have appeal, ability causes the reader’s taste.

5, the word is counted need not too much, 200 arrive 500 words are enough, present content desire society, life rhythm is fast, the job is full of pressure, average person won’t have so leisurely mood to see your 289 words.

Above is the author does the result that the experiment gets to reach only comprehend, if have better method, discuss the glamour of flexible language with the author please.

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