It is cost-effective that high flow is not the error that optimizes about the website

Core clew: SEO is a quite complex, careful work, successful SEO involves construction of active sale website to establish ROI really from website brand (Return On Investment) square field surface, be a variety of technologies, skill is integrated.

Why to after the website is optimized, seek advice without business

The key word that SEOer wants to help you do is popular degree how, the search is measured how, if be a few not quite popular long end keywords, yourself also can be accomplished.

The keyword can bring how much effective discharge, not be the discharge of this keyword, however effective discharge (cause client, can generate bought flow) .

SEO must be not discharged certainly be in the first, whether can the user click your website, with the Title that you install, description has particular concern, the platoon is so advanced 3 or before 5 it is possible.

Had made him website and product first first certainly, if the keyword brought effective discharge, be about to think method will rise buy change rate.

Why to after the website is optimized, rank did not rise

Time and patience are SEO success the mainest factor, no matter be in the SEO that is aimed at Google or the SEO that are aimed at Baidu, Yahoo, time factor is a quite main factor, even if optimize the effect to what time factor authority is worth inferior Live Search, also not be can reflect instantly come out.

Successful SEO means the advantage that gains banner Yu Jing to contend for adversary in searching engine, this is not a simple thing.

Search engine objects SEO

Many people think to the relation that opposes each other is between search engine and SEO, the justice that thinks the purpose of SEO is the intent destroys search result and effective, this kind of view has the market very much inside certain limits.

The website that has outstanding content does not need SEO

Allow when to be awaited, content is the foundation of SEO, but, content is SEO success only requirement and rather than is sufficient condition, also be to say namely, content itself can not make sure the website is searching engine to hold favorable position.

The assurance of SEO enterprise or SEO tool ranks conduct propaganda

We like to purchase the product that be at ease or service, and assuring often is the significant step that lets us loosen vigilance, below a lot of circumstances, dare to assure often accumulate containing the technical capability with powerful backside or rich experience, let a person look at with new eyes. But, also must see soberly, so called assuring to be in perhaps is strategy of a kind of sale only.

The target of SEO wins rank first seat namely or visit a quantity more as far as possible, this has the meaning of bit of keep the glittering casket and give back the pearls to the seller-show lack of judgment. Look forward to wins sale to think, no matter SEO or website are optimized, it is a method only, it is for the ROI of the website (Return On Investment) , no matter let,tall visit quantity is for a simple goal: Bring more potential customer for the website.