Is Web standard helpful for searching engine to optimize?

Since period of time, have a lot of people all the time pondering: Follow Web standard. The website scored how many gain after all. Unfortunate is, the answer of this problem is not so clear. To get the result, we need to understand search engine how to think.

When evaluating a webpage to rank. Search engine can examine signal of a group of quality, they may clue: Webpage about what content. And the value of content. Such a certain quality signal that we can identify, have source of the link inside the station with how many good reputation namely. If have the link inside a lot of good stations, so it may have high quality content, when should showing relevant search result accordingly, before answering to rely on its rank. It is the old that this quality signal makes Google becomes search index to prop up a bound, and of basis of other search algorithm is not quite reliable quality signal. Apparent, in the search industry of billions of dollar, choosing correct quality signal is the most important.

Accordingly, if we know a link,be the word of quality signal. It is OK to mean us know the impact between Web standard and SEO. But should achieve the result, still have a problem. Because search engine company relies on particular algorithm,live. Because this pays attention to the privacy of protective rank means very much. They do not wish to reveal commercial secret to competitor or the person that those try to destroy a system.

Does the evaluation with search compatible to the standard engine have many tall? The SEO bound somebody that is in abroad was done a few simple however interesting experiment, offerred a few point of views to this problem. He founded a series of webpages about Lodefizzle, this is the statement that he himself creates, label next with different kind. Through creating an insignificant word, it can be used on him page only, the clearer result of the crucial quality signal that obtained a decision to search engine to rank.

Research confirmed a few general hypothesis as a result, but surprising, also overthrew other hypothesis. He discovered a few results, following:

1. uses semantic number, be like

Mark key word promoted a webpage the rank really, and excel is other method (be like) number is same the effect of content.

Complex nest list is used in 2. layout, in fact, this damaged a search to rank on certain level really is because of code content comparing rises probably, make the page looks value is reduced.

3. invalid code, can affect search rank greatly. Below some circumstances, can prevent a page to appear in list even!

The true number on 4. semantics conduces to improvement searching a rank really, but other technology is more occasionally effective. If be in article for many times natural occurrence key word (surround with other word in all round) . Name a file with key word, put the keyword interiorly connective tag. Still have put the keyword on caption label.

5. also has certain circumstance to fall. The page rank that does not follow Web standard wants prep above to follow a standard.

From inside this research we understand, web standard promoted right way, make search engine to be unscrambled successfully and can be ranked with a kind of significant means, make the page obtains higher rank more possibly to be found more easily. However the fact of page test and verify, not be the important quality signal that basically searchs engine certainly however. To complication further problem, the algorithm that searchs engine often changes will get used to new SEO method, include white hat (honest) with black hat (dishonest) technology. Will check oneself website according to experimental method, perhaps be the best method that catchs up with algorithm of main search engine changes.

Last bits, should take care to notice. Encode is very poor, but conspicuous, key word abounds content, and have the website with a lot of good reputation link, can make the webpage ranks the webpage with prep above compatible standard. Chan Ping code cannot win SEO battle, but when cooperating correct content, it can become that factor that raises a rank.

The value that Web standard ranks to the search, the result with this final question is Web standard cannot hundred before making sure your rank leans, but they are the factor with SEO very main success. Accordingly, answer to follow Web standard as far as possible.