Is the Robots.txt of wrong?

What is Robots.txt file?

Search engine passes Robot of a kind of program (weigh Spider again) , the webpage on automatic visit Internet gets webpage information.
You can found Robots.txt of file of a simple text in your website, state to the share that is visited by Robot does not consider in this website in this file, such, the part of this website or entire content need not be collected by search engine, perhaps appoint search engine to collect appointed content only.

Because just was written 51 because 2 class corn runs rampant to be caused with site rubbish,be be sealed, going to what stationmaster station sees cobra is written is the reason because of the Robots.txt of 51.

I saw the Robots.txt of 51 carefully and the judgement that wants refute to turn over cobra finally and final conclusion!

Must every site want to there is Robots.txt?

Not certain, depend

So is Robots.txt to be aimed at any search engine?

Not certain, the concept that searchs engine is what is done first clear! At least he has a spider, and abide by Robots.txt grammar. Resemble Baidu, google, yahoo is abided by
Official Robots.txt

Where is Robots.txt put?

Below root catalog, pass namely / the browsing visit such as Robots.txt arrives!

How is Robots.txt written?

Ask inquiry: Does the search disappear is the reason the company wants to borrow machine hype?

(connection controls Baidu to 51 National Day extensive examination bans cogged website, begin to let industry think is one of websites that Baidu punishs,
Through some friend clew arrives the Robots.txt file of, let everybody understand Baidu website collects the reason of one page only,
Not be search engine factitious place comes, however oneself reason. )

Depressed one: 51 become National Day!

Depressed 2: Robots.txt writes a law to follow regulation, search engine also gives abide by! Be cobra above article so decide mistake! Not be the Robots.txt mistake of 51!

The analysis refutes:

Because the homepage of 51 is in,corn of this 2 class falls, so with respect to this for!

1: / Robots.txt 18 goes

Disallow: / Home/ (be aimed at Baidu only suppose, because Google is done not have 51 how to wear, and later the Baidu of contrast of a few phenomena of Google of analytic criterion apply mechanically, unless they are not the abides by Robots.txt search engine of same quality! )

The definition that Baidu gives out:

Disallow:/help/ allows Robot to visit / Help.html, and cannot visit / Help/index.html

/ Search/robots.html

So that is to say is in / Home/index.htm/index.html/index.shtml cannot be collected, because Home catalog issues derelict page!

/ Home/index.htm 404 mistake
/ Home/index.html 404 mistake
/ Home/index.shtml 404 mistake
/ Home/index.php 404 mistake
/ Home/ 404 mistake

Decide to file of acquiescent home page is not had below HOME, it is 404 pages commonly, engine of so much search will be very chilly, so bit more careful of course site can be put an end to be regarded as dead join by search engine.
The wrong way of 51 is Disallow:/help/ allows Robot to visit / Help.html, and cannot visit / Help/index.html

Decide: Disallow: / Home/ is correct to Baidu!

Because have: User-agent: * (be aimed at all searches)

Examine:, , site:/home, site:/home/
Have in Google collect, is not screen below Home any, is the acquiescent home page below Home only!

Lose sight of the phenomenon of Baidu at present, according to User-agent: * (be aimed at all searches) demonstrative Baidu at that time also is such! (80% same)

Check again:

The first eventuate

Net of 51 rich guest welcomes similar webpage of your –

There is home page below it seems that, it seems that Home at present also has home page!

We jumped bit past turn to / , because search engine to OK identifying and collect Url transmit and rather than to jump at present,turn!

The site that examines next casually visits use circumstance!

For instance: The 2nd result

Give 00 what I love most Additional data of User=nicolelove – 5k – – webpage snapshot – similar webpage

And is you use what also visit this User=nicolelove

OK also: / Home/Index.php? User=nicolelove (any other files below Home can be collected and visit)

OK also: / Home/Index.php? Is User=nicolelove visited and arrive / Home/Index.php? User=nicolelove

OK also: / Home.php? Does User=aiyoweiyaaaa arrive / Home.php? User=aiyoweiyaaaa

Saying according to URL this can say strictly is much URL or method jackknife, confused perhaps, just a few did not tell those head of a station, tell head of a station only
It is your homepage Url


<*** LANGUAGE=Java***>
< ! – -Var T = AddAccessRec();If (isLoginF==’y’ IsLoginHide! = ‘y’) {If (isAddAccess==’y’ T[0]==True) {Var URL = AddAccessCount.php? User=nicolelovevisituser=time=1178309340;AddAccess(URL);// raises caller record
}If (isAddCount==’y’ T[1]==True) {Var URL = AddClickCount.php? User=nicolelovetime=1178309340;AddAccess(URL);// increases hits
}Function AddAccess(URL)
{Var OXMLHttp = New InitAjax();, URL, true); // asynchronousOXMLHttp.setRequestHeader(‘charset’ , ‘GBK’);OXMLHttp.Send(null);
LoadXMLHTTP(/home/addMyVisitors.php? Who=nicolelove);
/ /- – >

Look finally the 3rd paragraph of code!

Searching engine is not allowing such phenomenon when more. The site that 2 class corn and independent corn can think different region falls and webpage!

For instance: This is the Url station site of nonexistent application, after you input carriage return, can hint so: This user is nonexistent

Hint URL is: / Home.php? User=piaoge999

The dot is returned instantly certainly / such practice is returned than 404 mistakes a little a few more friendly, if I apply for today,can be, tomorrow 51 delete me,
Be in however before Baidu collected me / Home.php? User=piaoge999 or?
Are this then OK now return / ? How many trouble does this practice cause to search engine? How many rubbish to cause to collect?
Those who the technical reliability of how many Baidu reduced is acid?

In / do not use extensive what Dispbbs_17_313_1.htmSEO optimizes easily analytic and special take 51 will analyse!

What just do not have this to write is detailed, and this article waves elder brother did the analysis of 70% to list a specification. Those who want a specification is 51 be sealed to was to contact abuse extensive is analytic!

And those who refute cobra is to be aimed at him to say the problem of the Robots.txt of 51 is caused be sealed! And the Robots.txt of 51 is written the law is accorded with and abide by!

Wave elder brother has not used Robots.txt to today, just before the corn that helps a friend reject to collect and look for historical record to discover him from Google once was put in Robots.txt
Content writes a law is to prohibit collecting this station. Those who tell write to to Google granted to collect. Because that corn stayed period of time, google still is according to Robots.txt gives at that time close!

This article ends, is the Robots.txt of 51 wrong? Is the Robots.txt of 51 those who be aimed at Baidu? Is Baidu a basis the Robots.txt of 51 homicide?