Is the operation of Japanese SEO project how?

This afternoon, robin accepted a client that has Japanese SEO demand to seek advice, discovered a few interesting things through communication, speak out to be shared together with everybody.

Be in Japan, the search engine that makes SEO key be aimed at is Yahoo Japan, google is the 2nd choice. Yahoo search is in Japan operation is quite successful, connect Google hard shake its position, this is as traditional Yahoo like Chinese Taiwan and Hong Kong area.

The country is different, national condition differs naturally also. SEO service cycle of China is a year commonly, and Japan is half an year. SEO project of China is to sign contract hind, pay imprest, next the rest of money specified amount pays group by group; And be in Japan, the service charge of SEO project pays according to the month.

Well-known, be in Japan, pornographic industry is lawful. Because the sudden huge profits of this industry is characteristic, because this is lubricious,the SEO demand of love net station also is pretty is big. Optimize to what lubricious love net stands, major client can accept SPAM gimmick.

Japanese client very abstain from the FTP account of a website and password inform SEO to operate personnel, change the job to be begun very hard because of the actor of this website oneself, you can tell a client part of the Title of which webpage, Meta is written, oneself undertake very hard however modification to the website. Accordingly, be in Japan, of the website exterior the working centre of gravity that optimizing is SEO operation personnel, also be the time that you can invest much namely the catenary outside coming to those who become a site builds the job.

Above is the information that Robin communicates with a client and gets only, hard to avoid can come in and go out somewhat at true condition, just speak out to consult for everybody.