Is SEO very easy?

Do good SEO and successful operation to have paragraphs of big space

A friend that chooses stone a few days ago sends an article to let me look. The article reachs way of network sale whole to Chinese SEO greatly gave directions, the wind that quite direct liberates 3 big battle of countrywide model.

The article thinks SEO actually very simple, not be a god, admonish everybody does not make a mind. SEO is not a god of course, has someone said SEO is a god? Antipodal, we emphasize all the time, SEO is a kind of network sale only, network sale is a respect of website operation only. Become good SEO and successful operation a website still has very big a paragraph of distance.

But do SEO to not allow absolutely easy. That article thinks, build 300-500 rich guest or website, put in different IP, these websites are updated ceaselessly, establish a link ceaselessly, link next advocate station, advocate station rank went up. Even if be punished finally, do next contest price to solve a problem. Such right giving directions, I can be evaluated only say, dilettante must not assume sth as a matter of course.

The person that such saying, had oneself done SEO with this kind of method? The article says, so after doing, general keyword is not discharged in front that ability was blamed. To general keyword, assume everything is done correctly, should be OK the platoon went up, can is cost much higher? Safeguard such 300-500 does the station say less every year charge of lead plane of 449 domain names? Employ two people to update again, commutative link, what cost is this? for or a few general keywords?

If be the commercial keyword with intense competition, rely on this kind of station group can you go up certainly? Is the risk that is after going up, punished again how old? Especially, was punished attend contest price to solve a problem? I had seen rely on a station group those who do, also had seen made more large-scale station group still do not discharge those who go up.

The post before me also has said, the SEO skill that has 95% actually very simple. Read a book, read an article, oneself are carried out, what the time of a few months masters is about the same. But the problem is those who master is about the same, and becoming past master is distinguishing. Want achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, apply freely, a few months can be not accomplished. Remain that 5% not be easy thing more.

SEO is a kind of match actually. Any keyword, the platoon is in of the first page is those 10 positions. Want to search engine not to change default to range way only, only 10 pages can be discharged in the first page. The platoon is in first is that one forever. Always the competition with this kind of limited place, to finally have to special difficulty.

Resemble ran same. Say simple, is ran not easy still? Who won’t run? A year old of my daughter of two many months can have run, although run shake leisurely of shake from side to side, dodder along. But should run into ace, 100 meters run into 10 seconds, whole world a few people, a few can be accomplished? Those people that can accomplish, also accomplish a few times when summit summit only just.

The simplest thing, should strive for that exclusive temporarily, need thoroughly tempered. And arrive the more high administrative levels, every raise 0.01 seconds, very difficult.

In the commercial word with intense competition, after before entering a few pages, every raise, very difficult also.

SEO appears from time to time on the net actually very simple, or SEO is cogged argument. Often so saying person is to be engaged in related to the website, but the public figure that never has become SEO. The gift that makes SEO truly often plaints, why to do what can do, but rank or go up not to go.