Is search engine optimized (what is the highest state of SEO) ?

Everybody may have looked " hero " this film. " hero " in the thing that the incomplete sword that Ying Zheng comprehends ever comprehended: The ternary state of the sword, among them highest one is: The sword is not had in the hand, the Yi Mojian in the heart! So what is the highest state of SEO? Do not think I am in this be deliberately mystifying, the content on the world has similar, the truth is same also. The description in apply mechanically film, allow the highest state described as of my general SEO please here: The SEO in the hand, SEO also is not had in the heart!

SEO of the experience at the beginning of oneself works, do not have a lot of practice experience, to SEO research also belongs to the surface, the carries out to SEO specific details that displays his slight skill before an expert no longer in this oneself so makes demonstrative characterization, share the thing with one is in very important in process of executive website promotion with everybody only: The action tenet that the website popularizes, the highest state that SEO optimizes.

Oneself understanding is, undertake to the website in us SEO plans to mix in executive process, we are not complete confine the job is changed to go up in the actor of a few surfaces of SEO, make good user experience, it is best SEO is optimized! We are opposite when the website carries out SEO to optimize, wait for in light of the person that we should regard a common visit as search engine. A page, if visit person look very comfortable, so same search engine also has same feeling, article, if a lot of person that visit feel right he is helpful, so same search engine also meets such feeling. Why to think we want to do SEO to optimize? To let search engine to feel our page looks very Shu Xin, our content is very useful, give search engine good impression next, had obtained thereby collect and rank. If why I ask we want to make good user experience? To let the person that visit feel our page looks very Shu Xin, our content is very useful, give the person that visit good impression next, the person that introduce more visits thereby will visit. If our user has experienced, so the experience that searchs engine still is not met. Not be look upon of the person that ourselves alls alone search intentionally engine serves as common visit, however it is a common visit originally person. The SEO that why should make the appearance works, because this person that visit still is not very perfect, we should pass a few acts actively, ours website guiding gives it. Exterior SEO is the very short one part of whole SEO process only. Actually the operation process of whole website is whole SEO process. Include the person that search indexes the website that props up inside is browsed, the experience that uses them is experienced, the test of hour our SEO works. The concept that searchs engine is not had in our heart, have the idea of the person that visit only, SEO is not had in our heart, only the user experiences! We do not do SEO, but we are doing SEO all the time, SEO is not had in our heart, but the soul of SEO is all the time in our heart!

Because expressive ability is limited, content does not have sufficient expression to his understanding above the likelihood reach the designated position! What I should say finally is, not be look upon of the person that let you go up to regard a common visit as search engine in understanding, look upon of the person that also regard a common visit as him in executive process however.

If you follow me not to want to make rubbish station euqally, if you follow me to want to make your website outside euqally,mature quietly elegant and immanent and deep contented, hope you finish so keyword, after landing the search engine, catenary outside been do, the throws SEO focal point of systemic heart: Website content is built, user experience is perfect!

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