Is one stood to you still can turn over by K?

Core clew: The content engine that had oneself just can like you, content is he is collected commonly, can not duplicate and collect, otherwise you are to be in be in hard for others.

Will introduce my station above all, source code downloads network address, key word basically was used, source source download and source code. These 3 key word are discharged in Baidu now the first page and the 2nd page, these 3 key word already all became a success, succeeded so Baidu brought many discharge to me. I hope successfully to be not abandoned not to abandon by the stationmaster of K now, the stationmaster that was not collected also does not abandon abandon! This domain name is registered already half an year became much, but use talent actually 4 many months.

Site: ? Ampling?/s? Wd=%D4%B4%C2%EB

Site: ? Ampling arsine summary?s? Lm=0si=rn=10ie=gb2312ct=0wd=%D4%B4%C2%EB%CF%C2%D4%D8pn=10ver=0cl=3

Site: ? Achieve  ?/s? Ct=0ie=gb2312bs=%D4%B4%C2%EB%CF%C2%D4%D8sr=z=cl=3f=8wd=%D4%B4%B4%FA%C2%EB

Site: My website network address, it is normal that home page has not been shown now, the station because of me by Baidu K. When I do this to stand, be to proved Baidu K whether can the station still turn over!

I did station Baidu to collect my 500 much pages at the beginning, the station that is done not have to collect me by 3 months after K passes one page, hardship stays up late those who work overtime is newer successive 4 months, baidu had been being collected now. I think general stationmaster did not boil 2 months to had abandoned.

One, use key word correctly

Key word is used should not pass too much complex, of conscientiously do may not comparing to be differred in the person of SEO every day go there. According to oneself key word need, arrange good 2-3 enough, around make it of 3 two key word a paragraph of word, word number does not exceed 20, the word counts Baidu of more may not to like. Everybody makes a station is for discharge, do not like even Baidu you, you do this station to be sure the meeting is very tired, will lose confidence before long.

If you want to add more key word, in the news that accomplish home page introduction or can replace key word.

" the key word in META Content also should not pass much, much the advantage that also does not have to you, also be the term that becomes on a few keys enough.

2, content wants new

The content engine that had oneself just can like you, content is he is collected commonly, can not duplicate and collect, otherwise you are to be in be in hard for others.

Often somebody asks me, my station is collected come, I reply: I go collecting which station! If can collect me to also want to collect hey! Stay up late everyday overwork test is newer, honest very tired. Average person can be not experienced. If you want to collect,duplicate to also should change next caption and content so! ! !

Maintain a website to have updated content everyday, oneself have time to update the thing backstage, updated next one date to go afterwards at 12 o’clock to in the evening, such managing also you many time.

Above had done engine twice to rise to your website weight, of course Baidu falls in love with you. It falls in love with you the station that climb you for certain every day! My website weight is so tall why it does not update my website every day, standing because of me is by K, had not restored completely. Baidu has an observation period, but knowing observation period is how long. I believe to want me to maintain the content that be updated everyday and has him original creation only, baidu can restore me very quickly to stand.

3, beautiful high price buys join

If your station by K or be was not collected by Baidu, the money that spend a dot buys a few weight taller, PR4 above or be equal to 4, actual flow compares tall join dispute to often be necessary.

How do we see the weight of others website! Check weight commonly simpler, stand e.g. the source, you with respect to Site: Source, what seniority is in a few before the engine such as Baidu is weight is taller. Choosing PR to stand high with what have constant flow next.

Oneself track keeps in large website or each forum, this everybody knows.

4, the money that spend a dot is done same a station (this purpose is to let Baidu prefer you, need not be seen by K stationmaster this one pace)

Before thinking the station key word that allows oneself leans, this proposal has very big effect.

To let Baidu more value you, you buy 9 domain names to make the station that uses model, and still be exactly like station, do not want to be updated everyday, period of time is updated enough, can duplicate the library directly in the past, such very economic time. This purpose lets Baidu climb to have same site to the net namely, your main site often is updated, it thinks you stand this the most valuable.

Above content offers reference closely, here, had been not restored completely because of my station, wait for my stand firm to come down surely, I am saying my experience in detail. The stationmaster that cruel source downloads is before me, believe a lot of center that become download know this station. Breathe out ah this station does not put in me ‘s charge to be in charge of now. The key word that the station that I make can say to every stand is in Baidu the 1st page.