Interview of a person of academic or artistic distinction: The sale that SEO expert Zac talks about a network and optimize

Before making up: The ancient mind that this is is right the interview of SEO expert Zac, the theme is about network sale and SEO. Go to the lavatory to read, content weighs new extraction to arrange, bold-face is a query, the answer of SEO expert Zac is from the back.

About the change of website content content: A website closed 13000, baidu just closed 270, additionally the keyword is optimized do, after updating a website, traded one share probably 50% , can influential.

Zac@SEO expert

If be to point to,changed content, the meeting is normally influential, the proposal does not change website theme and content easily, old content calculates did not want, stay over also do not matter.

How the problem of price of contest of Baidu of exposure of look upon CCTV, how to see the problem with search justice sex and commercial afoul pattern

Zac@SEO expert

I feel the problem of Baidu depends on greatly opaque, making money is normal, gu Ge also is similar pattern make money, but distinction depends on only more transparent, specific number is sponsor link.

Also be such to stationmaster, gu Ge and stationmaster people communicate very active, baidu is very inimical. Actually the word says, very eventful everybody can understand, more inimical, everybody jumps over suspicion, long-term look, insist to search just sex to be helpful for commercial value certainly, but Baidu is opposite the likelihood of partner fight pressure the gender is lower.

How to use SEO to do the brand of the enterprise and public relations excuse me

Zac@SEO expert

Above all the keyword with peculiar enterprise

For instance company name, brand name, produce the name or description of a commodity, catchword, assure rank is in the first, the website of very much big company also did not accomplish this a little bit, very simple thing, but do not know Seo also was not done.

The content of website itself and using a sex easily also is a problem, many big company websites can say to be in a complete mess, for instance country the website of boat.

Solved the content of website itself, use a sex easily, when having, the rank is simpler thing, especially a few big companies, domain name weight is very tall, optimize appropriately, inside a few months can discharge breaks up severalfold.

Another it is to be good at applying Web2.0

Lift a topic more, let pair of him companies are full of on the net, the discussion of the product, surmount Seo a bit, but belong to network sale limits.

Somebody relies on SEO to solve negative news now, how does this kind of ZAC look?

Zac@SEO expert

I still kept a post a few days ago, say this problem, to a few not quite serious negative news, apply Seo to be able to be solved effectively

But Seo is squeezed very hard also to big negative news and the domain name that have actual strength go down, so need makes some of text before having negative news, the keyword concerned company ranks preoccupy a few, to negative news large area obtains a rank to increase difficulty.

Seo is take temporary solution only, not effect a permanent cure.

Of large website inside what is chain strategy?

Zac@SEO expert

Above all, the good navigation that searchs engine capture easily, as far as possible compressed change;

The 2nd, channel or column setting do not want him without foundation to imagine, want to be arranged according to keyword investigation, the name of channel is a keyword, hundred thousands of page has large website the link points to channel page, it is very big thrust to channel page

The 3rd, editor of the requirement in article page adds a link to channel page in content, with page of other and relevant article, take time, but effective

The 4th, discover popular keyword, become special subject in time, many page link connects special subject page, a lot of accession, the catenary outside doing not have, rely on in-house link enough, so small website competes very hard with big station, hundred thousands of link, way station searchs which.

A few kinds is the sale shift cent that English product stands?

Zac@SEO expert

At least a few kinds, be like email sale, couplet arrange sale, free and politic, electronic book sale, rich guest sale, resource crossing-over, the sale below the line.

Use impossible, look for 3 kinds two when oneself like and be good at, insist to use, use acme, can have the effect.