Interlocution of a word searchs the common problem that engine optimizes to arrange

Core clew: The article collected the SEO problem that the care compares more commonly with everybody on the network, and attach settles way

1, why is the website collected in drop suddenly in last few days?

Answer: This is normal inside short time, after search engine is being collected, partial information content just is in a fixed library, through the precipitation of period of time, the information with not important or not high quality can be kept clear of. After watching period of time, if continue to drop, or disappear suddenly. This is abnormal, need detects examine whether is there cogged mark inside the station, or whether be punished jointly, or be intervened artificially.

2, why our after achieving information to be reprinted by others formerly, does the information of others discharge advanced face?

Answer: Of natural rank measure a factor more, have commonly: Webpage evaluation or weight (the deepness of address of PR\SR) , webpage, exterior link that points to this webpage, website is be expert at the rationality of the join that the in-house join of the influence that the weight inside, website is searching engine, webpage, webpage points to other website, caption, description. These elements rise integratedly, if each works to be able to have been done, we can surmount other site naturally.

3, why we was the static information below the dynamic list of a certain column collected?

Answer: The course is examined, simple reason has: Dynamic list itself props up page of chilly, list to be pointed to without exterior join to search index, list page is not had spend extensively, page of too deep, information does not have deepness of static information page exterior join is pointed to, information page is not had spend extensively.

4, how does the novice begin to learn SEO?

Answer: Learn SEO to 3 premise condition can help you frequent learn the rudiments of a subject, it is Internet experience, 2 it is technology of webpage process designing, 3 it is market sale knowledge. If above was done not have at 3 o’clock, be about to do the person that is just like foundation having a place’s floriferous and decuple energy to learn the preparation of SEO. Study SEO is the most important is practice, seek a way that oneself are interested in, the attempt does a website, use the knowledge of book among them, encounter inextricability problem, your train of thought on the problem you, belt and idea follow others communication more, you can have results certainly.

5, how to let search engine to update my website quickly?

Answer: That is about diligent a bit, update a website every day, and should achieve at many o’clock formerly, have bit of difficulty otherwise, the period of time before new station Baidu may come every day, old station can be relied on only come true newlier with many high quality join. Those who need a specification is, baidu is updated to news source very fast, common new content is collected inside 20 minutes.

6, what effect do many domain names have to the website?

Answer: Same site uses many domain names to attribute cogged action, much domain name is short-term inside can rise collect an amount, but can cause weight, additional data, repeat the question such as the page, the proposal withholds only, other can do 301 heavy directional.

7, 301 change direction useful?

Answer: Be based on different moving platform to have turn to means differently, 301 for permanent heavy directional, will look at present, all search engine support 301 heavy directional, 301 can deliver PR.

8, with what Cms is the most advantageous engine collected?

Answer: General and commonly used Cms program, asp chooses Kingcms, php chooses Dedecms. To Blog, asp chooses Z-blog, php chooses WordPress. Use freely, plug-in unit is rich.

9, Seo group does hair software have the effect? What should notice?

Answer: Do not advocate use Seo group hair software. To Seo group hair software, the effect is some for certain, be in especially short-term inside. Do not catch exterior join quality to be able to pay an amount only, use group of hair software to must have held to spend. In the meantime, the most crucial is he go arranging deliver an address, do not use the address with compositive software as far as possible. For instance a lot of already left a message originally hundreds of pages, you also still are sent, do you feel to return can effective fruit?

10, of Baidu sandbox decide what parts with Google?

Answer: The primary consideration method of Baidu sandbox and Google is uniform, the sandbox that is Baidu only pays attention to an user to experience more. The course checks, stand newly after collect, rank direct home page, continue to insist to be achieved newlier formerly, right amount after the catenary outside increasing, the rank basically can be stabilized came down.

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