Interior links optimized skill

In-house link is one of main factors in searching engine to optimize, the design of in-house link cannot be pure make in-house link for the purpose of SEO, should notice to plan at the same time a good interior links a structure to provide an user. The end that such doing depends on, promote the user of the website the experience.

The important few points interior in the website links a design:

1. website home page;

Generally speaking, the weight of website home page is whole website page in highest. One of the first principles that in-house link designs want to gain tall weight namely inside page link serves as support. Accordingly, when designing in-house link, you also need to know the weight of what page is tall. Do SEO to rectify a station to optimize a project, need SEO knows clearly to make a station inside, the circumstance of page weight height.

2. website navigation;

The greater sense that website navigation links is the navigation of pages of pair of the information inside the station, can let what the user freelies at will browse the information of the website. The design that website navigation links, those who need a consideration is user experience. The action on SEO is to have, but not quite.

Content of text of 3. website information;

Normally information text content, can include the keyword with a lot of important websites. The URL of relevant keyword can be found inside the station, come the in other information text keyword link since correspondence. Ksblog

Link related 4. article;

The purpose that relevant article links is for SEO namely, also be for user experience at the same time. Height is relevant between content of article of need of article dependency link, make the Google rank that can drive article page so.

5.TAG classification;

Skill: TAG classifies a link, need basis of website scope magnitude. If the information content of the website is very big, that uses TAG to classify a link with respect to need. If be miniature site, do not need basically to do TAG to classify a link. TAG classifies a link, understandable the polymerization that be is relevant content.

Friendship reminds:

The anchorage character need that 1. interior links is a keyword, had better be that keyword that you should optimize;

2. does not use JS or program code becomes a link, HTML of best and direct output links code;

3. should become a link with the character, the picture is used less;

The design that 4. interior links, want to see overall situation. Whole maintains a good interior to link a structure, ability rises collect, promotion PR, raise a rank;

Any 5. moment should notice dependency;

6. interior link is not flush, although information text is medium, a keyword appears a lot of times. It is OK to need to become a link only;

7. interior link wants nature;