Integrated SEO, are you ready?

The technology with the flow with enormous Baidu and powerful Google makes a lot of stationmaster and SEOer close look at have fine. The China of the 3rd quarter that Ai Rui releases searchs engine market in the report, saw the rise of the market share of Google, but at the same time Yahoo China also is in ceaseless rise. Cast portion of field of reopen after a cessation of business and discharge not to say, light is told from user experience, all-pervasive search gave me brand-new experience. The fervent index letting search of guest of news information, rich, picture, video is propped up must catch up with pace. Wait from the searchs a result information link of Baidu, Google can see, prospective conformity is searched is one of trends. Conformity searchs SEO, are you ready?

Yahoo China searchs Xu Jinglei

1. picture

The SEO picture method of the tradition such as Title, circumjacent character, Alt attribute, circumjacent character probably by a lot of SEO witting, but the picture spider capture that I see about search index is propped up rarely and the card that before how letting website picture engine is collected and be ranked to lean by the search, optimize, very old of course rate is to search engine technology to still need further progress, but picture SEO, are you studying?

2. information

Once oneself had published a few articles to be reprinted by a lot of website information websites, the result is searched in Yahoo the link can see in Baidu index even. Flexible language as the addition with SEO can sweeping measure the exterior link of high quality, if a new station thinks,looking for the old station friendship with tall PR to link that is very difficult. Flexible language is composed, are you on the road?

3. rich guest

To pursue the range of the link, group hair leave a message board, rich guest is commented on, trackback, bo Kequn is built come on stage in succession. Of course Bo Kequn is built will for a long time tell is huge natural resources, but the visit that time of the little that ask a flower goes considering to leave which rich settle or live in a strange place is measured and user and media attention are spent taller. Can see by the result that searchs a keyword your rich guest is linked in that way. Did you notice?

4. video

56, the video website such as 6 potato, rooms ascends body China website ranks front row quickly. Enormous flow accumulate containing enormous commercial value. Portal website is established in succession sow a guest, video column attracts an user. The dog dog of the thunder that connect fast also is rise steeply. Video SEO, did you observe?

The demand with integrated SEO and traditional SEO higher than having photograph, but the rapid development of search engine and SEO in home, make continuous study and SEO core competition ability more and more important. Want the show that the website has had in searching engine, did you study new SEO technology? Does the website index in search the core competition ability in propping up is highlighted? Integrated SEO, are you ready?

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