Insist to make me newlier successful jump out cereal song sandbox

Open the first thing of computer to look up a website namely early in the morning today collect, discover Baidu updated snapshot today, and Gu Ge collected nearly 50 pages more than yesterday, this coke is bad, dare look up the him website rank on Gu Ge quickly, appear in the first page as expected, reinstated the 10 ranks before the day

The word still must speak of from last year, because my station is to go to what year end opens, just went up when stylish station line 10 come day, begin to write flexible language promotion for his station, inside a few days of short time, wrote 3 soft article continuously, and be reprinted by a lot of websites, come so, of the website outside catenary reprint and also increase as the family ceaselessly, to me a such new station, everyday outside catenary increases an amount to reach to not agree with, was ordered to go up by Gu Ge so, also put me went among sandbox, remember that day is 12.29, before two days when update in PR, because such, affected the promotion of my website PR, result by 0 mention 1, gloomy stifle I.

Into a few days that after sandbox I did not care Gu Ge’s rank all the time, just insist to have the content of quality a few newlier everyday all the time, still searched how to escape designedly from the back the article of cereal song sandbox looks, feel without what real value is qualitative, look cannot rely on others, relying on oneself ceaseless effort to update ability only is correct path, have those who pay ability to be able to have results, be in yesterday when in Baidu search PS learns a net, the rank already was entered by the 2nd previously rise the first, this is more sturdy my confidence, I believe what the evening party puts me Gu Ge is early.

Yesterday when, desultory still ground was reduced by Gu Ge 3 pages, now day one be opposite early again greatly this station Site, discovery collects increase nearly 1/4, check a rank again, really surprizing, gu Ge puts me, no wonder many so much page, although before desultory also ground is updated by Gu Ge, but that day can give off a few content only, won’t amount that gives so much, look I effort of these 10 days did not waste.

Epilogue: The phenomenon of sandbox of the song that eat cereal is to collect content only, but rank without the task, want to walk out of Gu Ge’s sandbox, the content that should insist to update high quality only is OK, of other need not be paid attention to, rubbish station except (rubbish station is had by K too much element) .

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