Influence webpage searchs 3 elements of the weight on engine in Gu Ge

PageRank algorithm

1, a webpage is cited for many times, criterion it may be very important;

Although a webpage was not cited for many times, but be cited by important webpage, criterion it also may be very important; the importance of a webpage by deliver the webpage that it cites on average. This kind of important webpage calls authority (Authoritive) webpage.

2, assume user at the beginning a webpage in gather of random visit webpage, browse a webpage ahead with the link that follows a webpage next, do not answer retreat browse, so the PageRank value that the probability that browses next webpage is the webpage that be browsed.

Affect the factor that PR is worth

PR value is reflected for from 0 to 11 numerical value of 10, with on the tool column of Google transverse green histogram shows, white is shown below 0 class circumstance. It is be aimed at a webpage and not be a website, the home page because of this one website and inside the PR value that the page often is having widely different. Because Google market extends the reason of the process, on the PR value whole of Chinese webpage under English webpage. To Chinese website, having 3 class PR is a foundation, 4 class PR calculates amount to mark, it may be said of 5 class PR is good, and 6, 7 class PR calculates quite outstanding website. Of course, as a result of PR the directest influencing factor is to come from a link, because this kind of grade does not represent the level level of content, website content quality is indirect to the influence of PR, long-term. According to the algorithmic principle that PR is worth, knowable influence a website (home page) the element that PR is worth basically includes:

1, of the website guide the link pledgesQuantity

Guide to high quality according to preamble the analysis of the link, obtain tall PR to be worth need to acquire the link that comes from the following website:

Join search engine to classify catalog and the website exchange that had joined list to link

Obtain come from PR to be worth not under 4 and the link of relevant or as complementary as your theme website

Your link appears in discharge big, famous degree of important website that updates high, often on (like news source)

The website that exchanges a link with you is had derive rarely link

With content quality tall website is linked (PR value ascendant potential is great)

2, derive link amount

According to PR computation principle, the importance as a result of a webpage by the average webpage that delivers its place to cite, look conversely accordingly, derive the link will cause the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that this page PR is worth potentially too much inside a page. But look from the angle of content, of proper amount derive with thematic related the link brings good impression to search engine. Accordingly, a page, especially of home page derive the assurance that links an amount, should give attention to two or morethings is worth to PR and the balance between keyword content both, accuse control and guide to give link amount namely, with exceeding 10 advisable.

3, the page amount that searchs engine to collect a website

When discussing SEO, people pays close attention to the expressional case of core keyword rank and home page too much, however often oversight an all in all problem: Search the page amount that engine collects to a website namely. Latter also is having all in all sense in SEO. One inquires a rank with core keyword not the website of beautiful, the likelihood because by capture a large number of webpages and in the user use other keyword inquires when, before the page is obtained inside 3 armour are ranked. The keyword that when be being searched as a result of the user, uses has dispersive sex, make this kind of circumstance often brings great visit amount to the website.

Because collect the amount of the page to be affected directly,visitting a quantity, because this is right,the influence of PR value also is very big. The page that be collected is more, homepage PR is taller. What need ambitious shift nevertheless is, the amount that indicates here is the ratio that points to the number that be collected and website page gross, is not the implicit numerical value that collects a page. Was collected than having the website of 50 pages like a page, the ratio be collectinged of the website is 1/5, a website that has 5000 pages was collected 500 pages, ratio is 1/10, the result is to collect 10 pages to still have rank advantage more than collecting the website of 500 pages. But to each search engine, achieve how old ratio to be after all good, still do not have relevant data at present.