Individual experience shares: In the light of Gu Ge the search undertakes English optimize

Core clew: Do not ignore SEO forever, because it is the dovishest the most efficient sale way, if conditional, had better ask a person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of everyday SEO works. It is me below a few note that nearly a few months make SEO to Tucia international edition, from begin simply to speak of, jump over in the future more complex.

Indication sincerity:

Expend domain name add 5 years of above: Domain name period of efficacy is longer, show you take this website seriously more, be sentenced to be congenial and cogged odds by Google smaller also, this is me firm recently discover from guest of rich of an abroad SEO, knowing to connect this completely before is SEO. . . . Sweat

80/20 principle:

The heavyweight key word of 20% can bring the discharge of 80% , because this specializes in that important key word of 20% can, other must abandon. This follows like fighting, should look clear to stand for war, cannot more than 10 keywords are in covet before Google platoon, with 3~5 advisable

Density is king:

The Alt mark of the Title attribute that adjusts the literal content in the webpage, link, picture, let you hope outstanding key word appears in every corner. Someone says too much bad, 6% the most appropriate, but I had done a test, 10% irrespective also, can much dot is bit more. The biggest rival of Tucia international edition, namely extremely not professional individual small website, its code extremely non-standard, Title, Meta, Css is in a complete mess, but it is the first to discharge Google, only reason is density of extremely high content key word. And the relation that Tucia is designed because of UI at present and the user experiences, dare not put the key word of so high density in disorder.

Avoid to repeat:

Although 3 two key word of the key want to often appear, but cannot the Title that a lot of pages use just the same, keywords, description, best each page is different, the order that even if be simple shift,makes a word also goes. Many heavy resume a session lets Google think there is content of a lot of rubbishes in your website.