Index of cereal song search props up the index problem of pair of Flash files to discuss

Core clew: The software engineer Ron Adler of index group and Janis Stipins, the improvement that we index be obtained on the work out in Flash file recently and everybody undertake put up with more thorough discuss and communicate.

Ask: What Flash file can be indexed by Gu Ge better at present?

We improved the index ability of the literal content with medium files of pair of all type SWF, include to resemble pushbutton among them or such Flash coolie provides bill of fare, become the Flash website of an organic whole oneself independently, and all interpose at both the Flash form between.

Ask: The what content in these Flash files can be indexed better by Gu Ge?

The user interacts in the Flash file with you all text content that see in the process will get indexing better. If your website includes Flash, among them character content can be become with a future life by Google the summary of your website. In the meantime, the character that appears in Flash file can use the search of the input in matching an user search casing in Google to inquire.

Besides the text content in index Flash file, we also can identify the URL of the occurrence in Flash file now, in the target alignment that and admit these catenary into search engine robot crawls, the URL that in resembling treating those to be not Flash webpage, appears is same. For example, the link that if your Flash application is included in the program,points to page of your website interior, google can discover better now and capture your website.

Ask: So the blame text content that contains in Flash file, for instance picture?

Current, we can identify only and the text content in index Flash file. If there is a picture only in your Flash file, we cannot identify and will index any characters that appear in these pictures. Similar, if pushbutton of a Flash does not have any accessary characters, we will not make any Zuo text version to this kind of Flash pushbutton that points to specific link.

Returning what should notice is, we cannot index FLV file, the video that broadcasts on YouTube for instance, because these files did not contain any literal elements.

Ask: How is Google to identify the content in Flash file?

We developed a kind of algorithm, this kind of algorithm can make Google robot can imitate the mankind to know Flash document through clicking the way such as content of pushbutton, input. Our algorithm can remember on the way all character content that it encounters, ever since these content can be gone to by index. We cannot tell you more confidential details, but we can tell you, those who pass use Adobe is new-style can retrieve sexual SWF database, this kind of algorithmic effectiveness got rising further.

Ask: Where is the text version that how I make ability make Google indexes appear in my Flash file?

Basically, you do not need to do everything. The technology that we had acquired is improved, make the implementation of this function, need not webpage architect or website administrator become any special operations. If there is Flash content on your website, we can go up in the foundation of existing technology capability, use up the greatest ability to have index automatically to them (detailed sees next problem) .

That is to say, you should understand Google to be able to have identified those exhibiting to show the literal information before the person that in you the website is visited now. If you hope Google oversight a few less important content, wait for information like copyright or to load, you can consider to replace those text for the picture, such they won’t be gone to by our capture.

Ask: On index Flash file, what is the main technique difficult problem that Google encounters?

Current problem basically is reflected in 3 respects, also we solve this in effort:

1, the JavaScript order that Googlebot cannot execute certain type. Accordingly, if your webpage passes document of Flash of JavaScript to load, google cannot identify this Flash document possibly, below this kind of circumstance, it will not be gone to by index.

2, at present, we still cannot pass those the ab extra content of your Flash file to load and your Flash file conformity rises. That is to say, if your Flash file to load file of a HTML, or file of a XML, or another SWF file is waited a moment, google will index respectively these resource, but the one part that they will not be considered as content of your Flash file.

3, the Flash of the almost all language that although we can index,appears on the network, but it is certain and difficult to identifying the Flash content that writes with two-way language to still have. Before this problem is solved, we will not identify and the content of the Xi Bailai article in index Flash file or Arabic.

But, on these problems we also had gained the headway that comparative, so, expect our farther improvement please!