Increase the odds that new station is collected by search engine

Core clew: Search engine collects not excessive SEO, content is achieved formerly outside catenary adds conduct propaganda simple good.

Had read a lot of meanses that about standing newly how to be searched engine collects before, benefit a lot, oneself manage website of a place nowadays, the method that uses oneself explains with everybody below.

Be sure to keep in mind not to refer search engine to collect immediately above all, because your station quality is not high, do not want excessive SEO, simple good.

Next the thing that we should do:

1. content is achieved formerly. I think the value that achieves formerly need not have said more. Update a few oneself results more, do not feel style of writing is bad, be not achieved formerly! It is good at what write to should know to be achieved formerly and differ.

The catenary outside 2. . Seek identical industry more outstanding website link, may new station nobody loves to do, but be the same as an industry to make the new station of the station seriously,also be very much, the craftsmanship that sees you

3. conduct propaganda. Go the station with tall weight publishs an article, guide a spider to come over. If speakand writebad flexible language, I introduce a few kinds of simple methods. Go to Baidu search Tibet and the network address that QQ bookmark search hides him, through searching engine to was nodded in the past. Advantageous still with Baidu 100 divisions, the content of the keyword can be modified in relevant domain, provenance is written later on oneself network address, must be very accurate ability nevertheless be collected.

Acknowledgment: (Linghaibbs.cnStationmaster of approach sea forum)