Increase a website exterior link 16 methods

What offer on the net is various increase a website the method of exterior link, arrange via this station, collect one, convenient everybody undertakes a website the construction of exterior link.

One, one compares simple point to use function of the favorite on the net namely, good now much larger site has the favorite on the net. For instance Yahoo favorite. QQ bookmark, on Google and Baidu dragnet the favorite has N much, you can collect your website rise.

2, become friendship link with other and relevant website, had better look for the friend’s website, it is the website that the website that he can have used takes your quality to differ, 2 it is you can acquire one-way link, this kind is optimal link effect.

3, system of more popular now interlocution, the love that must say sina asks, baidu knows to wait a moment. The keyword of your website can be searched in these sites, go answering those problems that did not solve, want to leave website address of yourself when pertinent question replies of course. My individual still has an experience is, him query problem, the network address oneself is stickup at the same time go in, of course also a lot of people follow post, OK also nevertheless oneself do bit of harm, change an user to reply, can adopt for optimal answer.

4, the theme that inquires your website in Google and Baidu. See the retrorse link of the website that ranks the first page. The retrorse link that inquires a website inquires means: Link: Website network address. Contact these websites to exchange a link with you next. Or give money to become one-way link with them.

5, tell from long-term interest, can refer the website to open catalog Dmoz, the time that Dmoz collects a website is longer, the likelihood needs a month even 1 year of time. But the effect after collecting is very apparent.

6, go giving them the review below the individual Blog content that a few large Blog had been collected by search engine. Remember add your website link. This best and manual kind goes do, be dripped easily by K otherwise! Should remind here of a bit is, this link wants right amount, too much be stared at easily to go up by search engine, can have risk in that way.

7, often hubble-bubble forum, sign individual character the keyword that changes a website is linked, or the address that individual character autograph changes your website.

8, the Blog that inquiry has been collected by the search stands greatly, go every weeks a special subject Blog, and your website content is duplicate one arrives in Blog. The website that writes down so that must give you becomes a link.

9, if your website content is former,achieve, and you still have very high technology, so output your website content into Rss. Refer his Google and Baidu news center. Can have on Wip draws your website. Also can be cited by N much website.

10, if you also can be written. Another stationmaster also can be written. That you two can cooperate. The soft article that he writes publishs the link that adds you. The soft article that you write also adds his link. Publish at the same time next. Different content has both of you link. This but pair of winning tweak.

11, if your literal editor level is very high, still can offer sketch for a few large websites. The website that lets them please adds the link of your website, if cannot add a link, they join you in the article please the website address of simple text, such a few day hind, you go searching the caption of your article, can discover N became much the website was reprinted, increased to you so a lot of outside catenary.

12, the Domain on Baidu: The station of many competitors looks to there is link over, can show commonly advanced the station of a few pages should be quality is good, thinking method to be added also is one pretty good outside catenary.

13, the horrible discharge of video website believes you should know, I sent a MTV one day to have the visit of on 1000 people unexpectedly casually, of course the network address that I keep autograph position into me. Plus a few users the comment is become achieve content formerly, on Baidu you can be searched very quickly have you this connective video.

14, establish Baidu airspace. New station can establish a Baidu airspace related to him website, add a few articles in the space next and him attach the network address of the website. Of course, if feel to build dimensional labor, also can arrive Baidu space home page ( search a few recommend a space, leave a message in their space and add a link to also can be accelerated collect.

15, with the search engine searchs free link resource

Following keywords search in Baidu, Google: Friendship link is stuck only, refer the keyword such as website, Sub Url, Add Url, you can find a lot of webpages that provide one-way link, need not white need not.

16, in subscribing to the website to change RSS reader to community, RSS reader is very much, for example Google Reader, Bloglines, catch shrimp to wait, on the net a lot of.

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