In the light of Gu Ge search engine chooses 10 skill of the keyword

Core clew: Search engine basically provides the content that concerns with the keyword, did not describe the website of its product or service compared with those with proper keyword, on the webpage if have relevant keyword, the rank of this website is met more before leaning.

1, the angle that stands in the client

What keyword will potential client use when the product that searchs you? This can obtain feedback from inside numerous resource, include the client from you, supplier, brand its think of a way is learned over there manager and salesperson.

2, expand the keyword a series of phrase

After choosing a series of phrase, software of usable network sale undertakes detecting to these crucial phrase, the function of software is the keyword that examines you the use frequency in other webpage, and in the past each are searched greatly inside 24 hours there is how many person on engine these keywords had been used when be being searched.

Best keyword is those were not abused and very popular word.

Another skill is to use rare combination. The amount of the frequency that the keyword that effective keyword index will tell you to place is used appears in its database and congener emulative webpage. The keyword that searchs those likelihoods to act well to your webpage. KEI cost is higher, mean this word to jump over popularity, and fewer competitor. KEI achieves 100 minutes pretty good, more than 400 minutes of it may be said are admirable. The attention uses the keyword of the product that can describe you only.

3, undertake much recomposition arranges combination

Change the word order in phrase to be combined in order to found different term. Use not commonly used combination. Combination asks into sentence. Include synonym, replace word, analogy word and common fault to spell a term. Include the brand name that sells a product and the name of an article. Use other definitive will found more two block to close, 3 words, 4 block close.

4, the person that use demarcate of professional concept vocabulary to call in

Make clear the concept of your crucial phrase, be like software of electronic business affairs. Should accomplish quite clear major in order to make word group unapt too wide extensive.

5, name of brand company brand

If you are well-known trademark, use your company name in the keyword.

But if your name is Jackie. Fine jade this real estate, the person meets it doesn’t matter input that name in searching casing, unless the family knows you. Accordingly, if you are not a brand, company name is included to not worth to try in the keyword.