In the light of Gu Ge in-house link optimizes a method need is measurable and right amount

Core clew: In-house link construction is a website optimize a with navigation structure important way, as identical as general link construction is, in-house link construction also needs to notice anchorage text is optimized.

Be in a lot of about inside in the article that catenary builds, internally the strategy that catenary builds and note respect are very rare involve, they did the Randfish of SEOmoz recently one links the experiment related anchorage text about interior, the result makes clear, when undertaking interior links construction, optimize a method same need is measurable and right amount, ability has positive result, cost bad news force not to say otherwise, suffer the penalty of Google likely still.

Of Randfish inside catenary anchorage text checks conclusion one: The anchorage text effect that in-house link points to home page is very little, can not rank to the keyword of home page have how old help.

Lift an example specification, the page answers catenary to explain to the text of home page it is OK to use home page inside, and do not need to use Beijing SEO special treated link character, because both the effect impact that ranks to the Google of website home page is same. But, what want an attention at the same time is, if website interior link is to point to a certain page, the link character that this kind of keyword optimized can have certain effect again, for example points to the SEO rich guest of rich guest page. Put together syncretic makes conclusions: Page link does not need to pay attention to those who link a character to optimize too to home page inside, but inside the link between the page needs to notice to link literal skill appropriately.

Of Randfish inside catenary anchorage text checks conclusion 2: Exceeding interior link is punished by Google likely.

Randfish says because in-house link is optimized,he has encountered twice excessive and the experience that is punished by Google, twice this incident has be nodded jointly even if be in all page bottom put respective website the in-house link of specific anchorage text (Sitewide Internal Links) , these link take out, wait for Google reptile to close again after considering, the rank of the website regains the level before doing it again. If your website is in below experience Google rank when demote problem, eliminated exterior reason and station again inside after cogged trace, whether the in-house link construction of the website below the examination is excessive.

Of Randfish inside catenary anchorage text checks conclusion 3: Occasionally the anchorage text of not all in-house link can deliver link value.

For example uses SEO to regard the link of a page as the character on the many pages of the website, there perhaps are a few meetings to rank effective fruit to the SEO of this page only in so much link. Randfish is conjectural, the links a character voting value that Google may link to website interior is delivered have control. Integrated the 2nd conclusion, when we are becoming in-house link, be to should note an amount, should notice to be opposite as far as possible however same the link uses many anchorage text version, in order to increase link value.

This experiment of Randfish, undertake in the light of Google only, the conclusion of above does not apply to other search engine certainly. And all SEO experiment, bureau be confined to checks a variety of elements of environment and dot of check out stand to affect, do not meet completely accurate. So, the letter does not believe above conclusion, still held so that see oneself, or you also can do a test personally.