In the light of Baidu SEO website 10 big questions and settle way

(1) the website is cogged

Reason: Pile up for instance key word, recessive character is waited a moment. If appear such circumstance, baidu calculates had collected you, do not rejoice him deceive pass a barrier, when because be in,be being updated, also meet slowly of eliminate. 2 grade domain name and rich guest across join.

Means of settlement: This need not say, revise oneself page well at once! Additional, 2 grade domain names are used not overly in disorder. Join of rich guest across is useless now, it is OK that 9 connections accept inside, much take out.

(2) website standard

Reason: Caption (Title) with the keyword (KeyWords) overmuch, some stationmaster like to put in the key word related the search, you put 10 thousand trashy also. Still have even if describe (Description) unreasonable, if you are new station, this absolutely and useful, want to had been installed.

Means of settlement: 34 key word take in caption enough, too much Baidu does not like. Proposal setting is page theme + special subject name + website name. As to the keyword, you were added irrespective, but at least the page should appear nod relevant content. Descriptive setting is very simple, as long as the language is clear and coherent, do to the page probably summary, appear 3 times two key word is enough.

(3) website quality

Reason: Content is collected entirely almost come, and it is collection very popular essay. Baidu can collect you suddenly thousands of page, but after Baidu is collected, inside proper time, can retrieve afresh, if your content does not have value, be discarded.

Means of settlement: After collecting, revise republication a little. Not too lazy, you are moved start work, browse the article simply, change paragraph or partial content, have the place with dot and different other people at least. What achieve formerly became much best, additionally the proposal leaves a copyright message below the page.

(4) website join

Reason: The website lacks exterior join, drop off of exterior perhaps join, the attention that Baidu stands to you also can be reduced of course, slowly decrease collect content. Connective quality is very important. Rubbish join would rather not want! Additional, check your page, if join points to the station that is sealed, want as soon as possible the link that take out stands that, because with the link that be done by the station of K Baidu is met,regard you as the help makes then you also K drops.

Means of settlement: Examination website is exterior join, little word is exchanged, perhaps go the card that big forum of a few big stations sends a dot to be able to arouse people interest, keep link. The person of the reply is more, the effect is better. If there is join to point to the station that is sealed inside the station, delete as soon as possible.

(5) website correcting

Reason: The website was not revised good, had referred Baidu, come easily a big change, update greatly, today such, tomorrow in that way. Classification and caption are changed change. Still appear occasionally test, other perhaps the content that has nothing to do with the website.

Means of settlement: Fixed position is good, want what to do to stand to hold on. Can add new classification and content. Old content had better not be deleted at random. If you change of the space change, had better change ahead of schedule. Assure to be inside period of time the dimensional content surrive previously, be ready for any eventuality.

(6) website space

Reason: Website space is not stable, cannot open a website easily, baidu is successive twice above cannot be caught newlier believe news, so you want for certain by clear from the database, because Baidu thinks your station has been shut, relevant perhaps page is nonexistent. Still having is, if cogged site appears for many times on your IP, then you had bad luck accordingly.

Means of settlement: Buy dimensional time attention, look for the IDC with bit of good reputation. Fasten light for petty gain, if often give an issue, never mention it Baidu, the netizen also does not bear. After all your station won’t cause Baidu to take seriously. Additional, buy check of dimensional time time to look up the site on IP of fictitious lead plane, and collect a circumstance, and the amount of site be closinged.

(7) the website is safe

Reason: If baleful code was being added to hang a horse intentionally perhaps on his site, baidu can analyse come out. Can reduce your degree of belief. Still have even if be inbreaked with the tool by those young hackers, revise or deleted major page.

Means of settlement: Fixed backup, occurrence problem is solved in time. General Baidu is updated is the diligent in night. What to the individual the station updates everyday is not much. If once abnormal, handle immediately, should OK avoid.

(8) the website is optimized

Reason: Have certain knowledge to SEO, with respect to sedulous modification, the website is done, excessive optimize, although do not have apparently cogged, but do not have any value at all. Although pass Baidu to be able to get flow, after all the website is done is to offer others to browse, if you turn round to had been led low, also be no good. Baidu is not advocate so called user to experience all the time.

Means of settlement: Do not want to be optimized overly, the essence of SEO is service of engine of all alone that it is search, not be deceit. All things holds degree. Hit an example to say, a certain key word adds your page thick, baidu knows is a key, but you add all relevant key word thick, how can Baidu think?

(9) the website is hapless

Reason: You are hapless perhaps, encounter the newer algorithmic perhaps change with big Baidu, very can much site appears together collect decrease or by K. As it happens your station by Baidu settle on.

Means of settlement: Without too good idea. Wait for Baidu to be collected afresh slowly only. If you are SEO tall person, also can consider a newest algorithm to be shared to everybody as soon as possible.

(10) the website is shut

Reason: Your site had been shut, but Baidu still has a lot of to collect information relevantly. Forum analogy is commonner. Can collect decrease ceaselessly however.

Means of settlement: I am not an immortal, this I am not helped. Perhaps you look for Li Yan grand, he just can help you solve this problem!