In SEO process about group a few views of hair and experience

Not quite the SEO new hand that know, often see use group of hair to suspect, consider as cogged? Be black cat? Can by K? Can be you punished? Can be you fallen to counterpoise? Can be you deleted to stand? The novice is very actually pitiful also, they are connected by K specific it is what meaning pays no attention to solution, fall authority, delete reference, sandbox these nouns are understood by them one boiler random congee, cry on the mouth every day.

Major does SEO to be able to say very few need not group deliver software, include Niu Ren of a lot of famous SEO. Although their technology is excellent, the method is much, but just also won’t rely on to be done by hand absolutely. After all how do they use a tool with software? And common do SEO to make the distinction there is what of group of hair? According to my understanding, for the first one important distinction: They stand in optimized forward position, can learn what trick as early as possible effective to SEO, what new software is certain and useful. This calls SEO a person of foresight. And novice low hand people, often be to should ask the effect, does software have case? True effective fruit? They buy effective fruit to be used. And actually, when after the effect of a good software is known by everybody, often the lifecycle of software has ended, reuse collects small fish shrimp namely, some small fish shrimp are not collected, acquisition interest get one’s own back is very finite of course.

Besides above those who tell is a bit more principal, the tricks of the trade that still has a lot of other. Group send this after all how to be used? Specific will ask is 4 problems: Over there hair, how much to send, what to send, how to send?

To the first problem, hair where? Current the domain of group of hair has leave a message, rich guest leaves a message, rich guest log, forum, business chance yellow page, news comment, software downloads, dimension guest waits, of the home that return cent with abroad, the software that can deliver is very much. Of course, combining a few kinds of different software to use is best, release equably, cover a range extensive, raise a website adequately to the link is spent extensively and live jerk, it is best. Cannot use these, the person that chooses is little, the new software with little circulation. Somebody sees PR of address of a few pages is tall, but was sent thousands of, also think above hair, it is bad actually. Tall PR is only above group of hair outside the action of catenary, had sent much, again above hair do not have a meaning. Contrary, on site of a few high quality be worth without PR, cleaner page is best. Nevertheless so say to just also be sent to handiwork, group of hair of software are general it is to be not done such, can be treat equally without discrimination only, comprehensive clean-out.

How much to send? It is very important that control sends a volume, new station is sent less, old station is OK a bit much. Do not exceed 500 on average everyday commonly, a month does not exceed 5000. The scale that collects actually suppose is 30% , a month is 1500 outside catenary, already much enougher.

What to send? The constituent skill of content of that is to say. Comment, leave a message to spend idea as far as possible, a bit humorous or what mental retardation query concealments is OK, naked advertisement is bad. Without the language, mere accumulation link is abuse absolutely. Still have a bit, a lot of people may not realize: Make a statement, of many stations, do not want to be sent together absolutely, same keyword points to different network address on a page, still have without the effect not only counteractive, be cogged apparently. Which promising much individual is voting. A page with respect to one ticket. Sent content wants context coherent, syntactic and clear and coherent. Otherwise the machine analysis of SE search engine rises, detect very easily you are rubbish link, is not natural link. What GOOGLE emphasizes again and again is natural link, how be close to nature to link the code of conduct that is you, must abide by. Otherwise, the thing of hair is white hair completely, and can be considered as group of fit fraud, fall authority.

How to send? What basically point to is to send plan control, cent is wholesale, successive, do not want eager for quick success and instant benefit. Appear at a draught too much link can bring about cogged suspicion. Available today hair a bit, put aside without giving thought to. Cross reappearance a few days one part. Cross reappearance of a few weeks of a month a few, see rank result at that time, can you rise? A day of hair tens of thousands of, of hundred thousands of, probable it is a week the rank is violent wind rises really, but in a few more days, lost sight of, the rank disappears or drop hundreds of went at the back of the name. This is too urgent effect.

Reprint from annals of net of cloud dragon elder brother